14. Moon

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A bundle of papers that her assistant just left on the table already gave her a headache. Jihae had to make a report taking the data from those file as the base.

It had been a week since Jungkook and Jihae got back to work. Jungkook works at his own enterprise and Jihae works at her own.

The best part was that they didn't have to see each other's face every time. They both leave the house early in the morning and separate their ways.

After that, they used to only see each other when Jungkook gets back home late at night. Except for the days when there is a meeting between Jeons and Yoons. They were like two strangers living under the same roof.

For them, it's better to stay as strangers instead of fighting all the time like they used to in a week of their leave from the work.

Jihae ran her fingers through her hair and searched for the most important paper to make the report but she couldn't find it in the bundle. She pulled out her phone from the pocket at dialed her assistant's number.

"Where the hell is that G7? Bring it to me right now," Jihae spoke as soon as he answered the call.

"I'll search and bring," he said and hung up the call. Jihae waited, waited and waited but her assistant didn't bring the file. Her stomach started growling since it was already time for her lunch.

The door slowly opened and she expected her assistant to enter, but a familiar head peeked inside the door. "Are you busy?" He opened the door and walked inside.

"Jimin, I'm hungry," Jihae said while rubbing her stomach. "I'm here to take you for lunch." Jimin chuckled.

Jimin and Jihae became close after the night of the marriage celebration. Jimin went to her house the next day and they even spent the day with each other when Jungkook was not home.

They started hanging out a lot after that day. Jimin's workplace was only five minutes away from her, so they started having lunch together.

When Jungkook saw them together at the mall a few days ago, the married couple got into a fight again. Jungkook still accused her of taking his hyungs away from him. Especially his Jimin hyung.

The reason why being strangers was the best for them was that every time they talk, it would always result in a fight. "What are you thinking? Let's go and eat." Jimin pulled her outside.

They walked to the nearby food place and ordered the foods. Jimin was telling jokes when they were waiting for the food to arrive.

His jokes were not funny at all but also Jihae laughed at his jokes just to hear his cute laugh.

Is it strange that his laugh brings a smile to my face?

Jimin was busy telling jokes and Jihae was busy laughing at his 'not funny at all' jokes when she noticed a familiar person entering the place. It was her husband.

Their eyes met when he was looking for an empty table. Jihae immediately looked away and pretended as if she didn't see him. Jungkook narrowed his eyes when he saw his favorite hyung with his wife.

Then he walked to them and sat beside her making a smile disappear from Jimin's face. Jungkook called a waiter and ordered his food.

"I guess you got very close with my wife," Jungkook said while tapping the table with his fingers. "It's none of your business," Jimin said with a straight face.

"But she is my business, she is MY wife," Jungkook said while smirking.

And Jihae was worried again. She didn't want them to get into a fight because of her.

"Don't claim someone yours when you don't mean it," Jimin said in anger.


"Your order is here." Jungkook was about to talk back but got cut off by the waiter.

Jimin and Jihae's food was here except for Jungkook. Jungkook pulled her plate and started eating without her permission.

Such a manner less jerk.

Jihae awkwardly grabbed a glass full of water and emptied the whole glass. Jimin sighed and pushed his food towards her, but Jungkook pushed it back to Jimin.

"I know you still don't have your breakfast in the morning," Jungkook spoke. He was right, Jimin was hungry.

A slight smile formed across Jimin's face seeing the younger one caring for him. "We can share." Jungkook lightly pushed the plate towards Jihae.

Later, Jimin sent Jihae to her office while Jungkook followed them. "Bye, let's go back home together like always." Jimin hugged her before kissing her on the cheeks and examined Jungkook's expression.

It only left him in disappointment since Jungkook wasn't interested at all. He thought maybe Jungkook would get jealous a bit but he was wrong.

Jimin sighed before flashing his smile to her. "Baaaii." He walked away while waving at her, leaving her with Jungkook.

Jihae ignored the whole person beside her and walked towards the building. She stopped and turned around when she felt him following her. "Why are you following me?" she asked while crossing her arms.

"Who is following you? I'm here to meet your dad," Jungkook said and walked past her, leaving her in embarrassment.

Jungkook walked inside her father's office and Jihae went to her own office. The important paper from earlier was already on the desk. She sat there and continued her work.


Jihae woke up with a pain in her neck because she dozed off on the desk while working. She sighed when she realized that she didn't even complete half of today's work and dozed off instead.

"Jihae ma'am, Mr. Yoon is asking for you in his office," her assistant said and walked away.

Her head was aching, so she grabbed it and walked to her father's office. She scoffed in disbelief when the office room was empty.

Soon enough, her stepped mother walked in, "Your dad has a surprise for you," she said and Mr. Yoon entered the room with an envelope in his hand.

Mr. Yoon walked to her and the first thing he did was kissed his daughter on the forehead. "I forgot to tell about this to Jungkook earlier." He handed me the envelope.

"It's a gift from us," he said and asked her to open it.

Jihae excitedly tore the envelope but her expression changed as soon as she saw what was inside it.

"These are the tickets for your honeymoon."


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