shawn mendes #1

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this is not requested by anyone I'm just deciding to finally write something here! This is dirty so 13+ and don't comment shitty comments here.






You and shawn we're watching a movie on his Laptop, Spectacular Now. His parents were home so you weren't planning on doing anything like sex or whatever. This Scene of the movie came on and you felt shawn shift in his position. it was a sex scene of the two teenagers starring in the movie.

you felt something hard on your thigh and knew what you had to do. Since you had no pants on you decided to get and flaunt around your small but, toned butt. you were wearing Shawn's favorite lacy underwear that he bought you for your birthday last year. you also had on a light grey tank top from American and had your dirty blonde hair in a really messy bun with no makeup on.

" Y/N you know what those panties do to me." he said in a deep voice filled with lust.

"oh I must have forgotten." you say acting sexy and swaying your butt around

"we'll come here and I'll show you." he said.

"shawn.. your parents are downstairs."

"then don't make a sound babe."

you walk over and sat in his lap and started to makeout with him very fiercely but with passion. you started to kiss down his neck and he let out a small groan. you pulled off his shirt and kissed all the way down his chest getting to his shorts. you pulled them down slowly making sure to tease him.

"Y/N please... give me more."

you finally got his dick out of his pants and started to slowly jack him off. he let out groans here and there. then you take him in your mouth full on. he moans and catches his breath.

"Y/N ughh that feels so go-"

he was cut off from his sudden urge to cum. he did in your mouth and you swallowed it bringing your bottom back and kissing him.

"I taste so good on your mouth baby girl."

he asked you if you wanted him to go down on you but you were ready for the actual sex. you quickly took off all your clothes before shawn turned back around. he didn't put on a condom because you were on the pill and he didn't even have one. he quickly inserted into you giving you time to adjust to his large size. he was thrusting in and out at such a heavy rate. you and him let out light and deep moans trying to be cautious about his parents outside. you decided to ride him and is you switch places. you straddle his body and bounce up and down. he tells you he is going to cum so he pulls out being the good boy he is.

"Y/N ugh ugh I'm c-uumning ughhh" and he came all over your face. you were tired and so you decided to lay down on Shawn's chest still naked.

"think your parents heard us?"

"nahh you were good and quiet babe."

you kiss him one last time and then lay your head down on his chest.

"I love you Y/N"

"I love you too shawn."

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