"Okay," Joo Hyuk said, kissing her again for a little longer. "Don't you really want to spend the night together?"

"Go home," Seo Hyun said, laughing as she moved out of his car. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Tomorrow," Joo Hyuk sighed then smiled.

He watched Seo Hyun entered her apartment. After she opened the lights inside, she looked out of the window and waved goodbye at him. He smiled then steered the car home.


When Joo Hyuk arrived at the café, it was already open, though the closed sign was still hanging on the entrance.

He looked at his watch. It was only six in the morning. Their café will open at seven. Joo Hyuk wondered why Seo Hyun opened their café at an early hour. Whenever she arrived at the café that early, she would enter through the back door and would keep the café closed until he gets there.

Is she still worrying a lot?

He entered through the entrance and was surprised when he had seen Mr. Park, Ho Jun, and Seo Hyun on one of the tables in there. He had not seen another car parked outside aside from Seo Hyun's.

"Where is your car?" Joo Hyuk asked when they stared at him.

"Mr. Park ordered his driver to leave," Ho Jun answered.

"You didn't leave with his driver? Aren't you needed in your company?" he asked. He was still not that comfortable seeing him near Seo Hyun.

"It's still early," Ho Jun said. "I have matters to discuss with Mr. Park, but he said that he doesn't want to hear any news from the company."

"I will resign in a few days," Mr. Park had said. "I am only preparing some things that will help my successor. I really am hoping that it can be you, Ho Jun... but... my colleagues and their children will be having more chances to take my seat. It's all in the votes of the shareholders and board of directors."

"Mr. Park, I want to support you in your decision..."

"Then why don't you just do so?" Seo Hyun asked, obviously annoyed. "If Dad wants to resign, just let him be."

"I'm glad that you two had finally reconciled," Ho Jun sincerely said. "I understand that you want to spend more time with each other. Mr. Park, I know that you are tired of being the chief executive of our company. But I also know the reason you are tightly holding on to that position. Mr. Park, how about those small and skilled employees that you cared so much about? And you are also aware that if you leave the company, they will attack G company."

"What does that mean?" Joo Hyuk and Seo Hyun chorused.

"They will not do that," Mr. Park said. "G company knows how to protect itself from the attacks of other companies. They keep on doing that for years already. They will not waver just because of my company. And about my employees, the board of directors know how important they are in the company. If they want to hire and promote employees by looking at their connection instead of their skills, they are fully aware that the company will be the one who will suffer. That is the secret of G company. They are hiring the best employees. Am I right, Joo Hyuk?"

Joo Hyuk only nodded and realized only then how important a good CEO is to maintain a company as competitive as G company. What would happen to G company if his father and oldest brother resigns?

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