Chapter 5| Don't go with him

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Jillie? Never heard of her.

Creds to @milevenduh on IG.

*Warning- this chapter is very upsetting and will probably squirm your tiny fillie hearts- be aware*


"I still can't believe you meet Jacob sneaky Sartorius while I was stranded in the changing rooms, half naked and half afraid for my purse" Sadie scoffs as she hops into fishnet leggings she bought today after I came running back to her with her purse and the most unbelievable story to happen yet.

"Can you zip me up please?" I ask, ignoring her remark. I'm wearing a flowery turquoise dress that ends a few inches above the knee, with a slightly low v neck but not that low. A silver necklace of the letter M that I got for my 15th birthday, finishing off the look with a black crop leather jacket and ankle boots.

"What do you have against him so much?" I ask out of curiosity.

"He's bad news Mills" She warns with a firm tone that only causes an even deeper chuckle to escape from my lips at the sight of my best friend exaggerating.

I feel pretty proud of my outfit, Sadie zips me up and curls my hair slightly. A horn from outside alarms us that the taxi is outside, with a final look we say our goodbyes to my parents, who don't seem to shut up about me coming back before 1Am, I finally manage to escape their grasp and go downstairs to the lobby.

I'm welcomed to flashes and camera's clicked from beyond the glass double doors. I keep my head down as we push through a crowd of paparazzi, successfully managing to get to the taxi in one piece.

I'm glad Caleb hasn't shared his address or it would be a nightmare getting out of the taxi again.

The taxi driver asks for an autograph, apparently his 11 year old boy is a big fan of Stranger things. The car drive won't take to long but I rest my head on the sofa seats.

Your okay.

A vibration from my purse causes me to fish my phone out. I adjust my eyes to the brightness of the phone as I read out a number from an unknown number

-Hey beautiful.

A scoff tugs at my lips as I show Sadie the text message, she squeals in excitement."Leave him on read!" She snarks sarcastically with a disgusted look.

I roll my eyes with a laugh,"Be nice Sades!" I warn.

-Haha, hey Jacob

A few minutes my phone buzzes again, causing my heart to skip.

-How was the rest of your day ? X

I squirm slightly at the x. Before mentally slapping myself.

Pull yourself together Millie!

-good! I'm on my way to Calebs party


-Are you free sat?

I squirm in excitement,"Tell him you're busy" Sadie scoffs, causing my elbow to nudge her sides.



-how does a movie sound?

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