Chapter Twelve - Watch Me

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"Miss Iveta?"

She almost doesn't recognize that name. Her last name. She stopped in her step, facing the new voice. She's been stirring through the hallways, making no use of herself, before this women appeared in front of her. 

Theo was frustrating. He had this power over her mind, which he didn't know, but she knew all too well. She couldn't focus, her mind always reverting to their conversation.

"I'm sorry, what?" Ava blinked, trying to clear her mind.

"Your room. I am to show you to your room."

"Oh," she pursed her lips. Her room? She hadn't thought that far, in fact her thoughts were so scrambled she needed someplace to go to gather her thoughts. But her thoughts always fell back to Theo.

"Follow me," the women motioned.

Ava followed in pace with the women. They took the elevator to the twelfth floor, the "repose quarters." When they entered the hallways they were much denser, with rounded walls and ceilings. This was different from hallways on the fifth floor, where the refectory and training areas were placed. The lighting in these hallways were just slightly dimmer.

The women unlocked her door, revealing a small, rectangular room. Longer lengthwise, than wide, the room contained fifteen feet tall ceilings. A rectangular window took up more than half the back wall. The window beamed white around the edges, drawing her to it. She had to walk around her bed, that's placed in the middle of the room. There's a built in dresser and closet in the walls. The only things that stood out are her bed and a round desk with four round, backless chairs in the right front of her room.

Reaching the window she had a view of the operations and communications wing in the base. There were communicators and regulators in deep conversation, some looked tiresome, while others jump from their command desk running to give news or bring the newest spark of ideas. She desired to go down there, to feel those emotions, the quickness of the environment. She wondered what her purpose would be, if she was even assigned one here yet. She glanced to ask the women but she had already gone.

Sealing her eyes to the window once again she wondered if Nyles's position was to report to the regulators down there. If Ira, Xavier, and Theo also report to the same positions they were training for, or was their purpose entirely different here? 

Looking below to the faces she wonders why they are here, if they are here for the same reason's Theo was. What were their families like, did they are worried for them, do they have a family to worry about them? Did any of these faces lose their family? Did they lose the one important thing they ever had, and live day by day without it? Did any of them understand or know that feeling? Some must, though to pinpoint who, would be very difficult. She wasn't used to consuming this much energy of the emotion's of others. She began to get a headache, and her brain hurt.

She's going to have to learn how to push it away, detach herself from feeling other's emotions. She didn't know she could sense so much emotion in one area, and analyze it, all at once. She knew she could analyze it all, pick a person in the room and just focus on them, on their energy. That's going to be hard to train herself, by herself, with only herself.

No one else had what she had, at least she didn't know how to know for sure. She cannot confide in Commander Bryant or Miah. Their intentions are unknown to her and she wasn't about to set herself up in one of their traps. 

She decided to go to the operations and communications wing. She wanted to know more about the Strife, since her meeting with Commander Freewond and Miah only resorted to the findings of her true strengths, telling her that her birthplace was possibly wrong, with no discussion of her purpose here or what planet she was on. She's going to have to find out on her own what this place was. After all, she already had a good idea on what it's like here.

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