Chapter 4| Unfortunate greetings

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|| At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter if Fillie wasn't real or if Jillie is,, what matters is that Finn and Millie had a connection and is probably the strongest bond on the ST cast||


"Sadie, sweetie this century would be useful" I call out from outside the changing rooms. We've been shopping for almost three hours now, and so far we've only managed to buy a handbag for Sadie, which is a surprising since she usually has to scan fifteen different fucking shops before finally picking one.

She's rich, and extremely picky..

Such a disgrace.

"Hold your horses okay?" She groans in frustration, I chuckle in response.

I look around, my eyes scanning my surroundings as I feel my face drop,"Sadie where's your purse?" I ask slowly.

"Right next to you on the chair, you bean" She chuckles from behind the curtain, I turn to look at the empty chair. I roll my eyes before breaking into giggles.

"No it's not" I manage to spit out in between chuckles, suddenly Sadie's head pop outs from the curtain, the rest of her body covered. Her eyes widen in shock.

"We must have left in that coffee shop!" She huffs out in annoyance before battering her eyelashes together, bringing out her biggest puppy doe eyes.

I roll my eyes hysterically,"I'll go get it" I snort as I turn to walk out of the store. I get stopped a few times for a picture or autograph but aside from that it's been pretty quiet.

Or so I thought-in the far distance I see a sea of girls chanting and screaming a name- but it's not mine. Luckily security are holding them back, I hurrying past them keeping my head down and successfully manage to not get noticed.

I look back and sigh in relief, I wonder who that was about because they certainly aren't here for me. I avert my gaze back just in time before I collide against a very solid body, collapsing to the floor.

That's really embarrassing.

"I am so sorry" I hear a young American accent chuckle.

I rub my head in slightly pain, Ow. I squeeze open my eyes as I look up to see who it is I walked into. My eyes instantly widen as I recognise a pair of hazel brown eyes with messy brown hair.



He extends an arm towards me, I hesitate for a second before I reach out and grab his hand. He helps me back onto my two feet as I look up with a small smile.

"Thanks" I manage to mumble under my breath. I've heard of this boy before, he's an internet sensation. That must be why there's a nation of girls screaming their hearts out. His eyes twinkle and I suddenly feel on the spot as he examines me closely.

"No worries, I'm a big fan of you actually! I'm Jac-" He chuckles before I interrupt him.

"Jacob Sartorius, I know who you are" I nod, feeling my cheeks heat up, as I pray he won't notice.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you. I suggest you don't walk ahead, there's a sea of girls practically tackling the guards for you I presume " I explain with a smile in result of him laughing at my remark.

Oh god.

He nods slowly, almost as if he wants to say something but hesitates, a long pause passes. As much as meeting him would be good for publicity the shift in the air tells me it's time to go.

"I'm.. um" I trail off awkwardly,"I'm going to go" I point beside him. Sending him one final plastered grin before I take off.

I can see why he'd make the girls go crazy, but just not enough of a heartthrob as someone like... Finn?

He's gorgeous, smart, and that smile is probably worth more then me but the drama surrounding him must be heavy baggage. He's not all that meets the eye. My manager told me that one.

Oh well, I should have at least asked for a photo or anything, just for pu-

My thoughts are whisked away when a strong grip from behind me puts me to a halt, startling me slightly. I dart around to see the same gentle smile I was welcomed to 60 seconds ago. He came after me?

"Hey, I was thinking" He pauses, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly,"Could I get your number?" He blurts out with a small smile.

His words take me by surprise, that was pretty smooth. I'll give him that.

"Um" I scoff with a laugh,"Sure why not?" I say as I dig into my pocket and fish out my phone. What's the worst that could happen? He hands me his iPhone and I quickly type in my number, saving it as 'Millie' with a red heart.

I hand it back to him, not breaking eye contact to see his reaction to my choice of emoji. His eyes drop to his phone, his lips curl upwards as he sees my name on his phone before looking back at me. Score.

"See you around I guess?" I chuckle.

"Hopefully" he says with a smile, and with one final glance he walks away.


That was-



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