Male! McNamara x Reader | Part one |

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(Y/N) rolled her eyes as she watched the Heaths and Sawyer walk die the hall, smug smirks on their faces. Victor flashed a smile to the (h/c) haired girl but she just scoffed and looked away, making him frown slightly. Why should she smile at him? He abandoned her and Max.

"Hey, (Y/N)!" Victor shouted breaking off from the group of boys. "You haven't answered any of my texts or calls. What's up with that!?"

"Oh piss off NH."

"What is NH?"

"It stands for 'New Heath' dumbass."

"That hurts (N/N)..."

"Not as much as being abandoned by a friend. That's for sure." (Y/N) spat like the words were poison in her mouth. "I hope you die alone." She walked away with nothing more to say. She didn't want to be near him anymore. "Jerk." Victor stood there, hurt, but came back to his senses when Mac grabbed his shoulder.

"What's your damage man? She's just a girl." Heath chuckled, watching the girl's hips.

"Not just any girl."

"That's for sure." Mac bit his lip watching as (Y/N) talked to Max. "She's hot."

"Shut up Mac!" Victor elbowed Mac in the gut making him growl in pain.


"(Y/N)! Wanna be my partner for science~?" Mac asked seductively.

"I'd rather die."


"Come on! I know you want to!"

"I am not being your trust fall partner!"

"But (Y/N)!"


"Hey (Y/N)~" Mac was at her locker.

"What the hell do you want Heath?"

"I want a chance."

"A chance? At what?"

"At your heart."

"I'd rather-"

"Die then give me a chance? I know. I like that." He grinned.


"Come on! I'm really trying here!"

"If you want to get laid that badly go find Riley or Kate." (Y/N) scoffed walking away.

"(Y/N)! Wait!"

"No! Heath, I'm done. I gave you so many chances last year. But it was all 'Sex this, or, sex that'! I gave up."

"One last chance.... please?"

"Fine. One last chance."

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