Orphan Killer 2

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Yes the devil is back.

I woke up and looked at the window, Rachael knocked at the door, I looked at the door "Yes?" I ask, "Sabastion your real mother has came" said Rachael, I get up exited, I knew my mother would come to help me!

I go Pack my things then run to the frount gate to see my mother but I don't hug her. I put my stuff in the car, little did I know that my mother was the Devil.

My Mum drove us to her house, the same one next doors to One Direction, I know they were on tour, I got out the car and my mother showed me to my room.

My mother went to the kitchen to sharpen her knives, she went to Sabastions room with one of the knives "Sabastion sweet heart, you have school tomorrow, it's just down the road, you can walk" said his fake mother, Sabastion looks at the knife then at his mother and nodded.

*Next Day

Sabastion woke up very early and got ready, Sabastions mum was sleeping so he had to do it all, little did he know it was Saturday, He got his bag and walked to school...

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