Chapter 14

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The Escape

A/N:This chapter has a little more action than last so get ready. Enjoy!!!

Lilly's POV:

       "" Christina tried to say as she panted. Blood was running down her face and she had bruises all over. She looked horrible. Now there is one thing I know, Christina is a real good fighter. Another thing I know is there are tons of other amazing fighters in this building that could do this to her.

         "Who did this to you?" I'm not sure if I should even explore the possibility that it was my dad. I couldn't be, he's is under one of the nation's most secure facilities. "You know who it was." I don't understand. How could that happen? "Im taking you over to Jake's dorm."I said and she was starting to pass out. "Stay awake Christina. Be alert." I said trying to help. If she fell asleep it would take a while to wake her up. "Few can be trusted." she kept repeating this as we ran to Jake's dorm. "Who Christina?" I demanded. "Mom, brother, our small group." She managed to spit out. "Anyone else?" I asked very confused. "Uncle Ray" who the heck is that?

        "Oh my gosh! What happened?!" Jake said furiously. "I don't really know. All I know is we have to get everyone out of here. Now."I said starting to pack his stuff up in a duffel bag. "What's going on?" Kaitie started tending to Christina's wounds. "I'll explain later just tell me who Uncle Ray is." suddenly his face blanked out in shock. "Uncle Ray is the term me and Christina agreed on for a time we ever needed to find our parents. It also means this base has been compromised." Kaitie and I dropped our jaw.

        It was midnight and I figured now would be the best time to escape. Everyone had already packed and my mom broke all the security cameras. "Everyone head out now." my mom ordered as all of us loaded into a spy van. Christina was cleaned up but she still looked like a train hit her.

        The van swerved all over the parking garage. We got to the exit and the guy immediately stepped up to the vehicle with a scary look on his face. He said something into his radio before we rolled the window down. "Is there something I can help you with?" he said with a fake smile, thinking he got us. "Mater of fact you can."my mom said with a smirk. Not giving him time to think ,she reached her arm out of the window, grabbed the back of his head and slammed into up against the van.  He was knocked out cold on the floor. "Thank you for your services." she yelled as she crashed through the toll. Everyone's mouth dropped in amazment. We have all been around my mom and not one of us has ever seen the super spy side of her. "What?" she said looking at our astonished faces. Than she just laughed. "Didn't know I had it in me, huh?"

         We got on the highway and drove for about two hours before my mom got off an exit. We ditched the van about 6 blocks away from a close family friend we could trust. "Denzo it's Jane. Open up." she half screamed at the door. "What happened?" He asked concerned. Denzo wasn't justa family friend. He was a high level spy and my godfather. "We need spy access." my mother whispered to him as we approched the living room. He nodded in agreement after my mother told him the circumstances.

        Denzo (aka: Agent Alvarez with Level 7 clearing=highest level) walked over to a lamp and lifted it up. Underneath was a pannel of three buttons. One was blue, one was red, and one was yellow. He pushed the yellow button and the floor next to the coffee table opened u. A fireman pole shot up to the ceiling. He shot down with no second thoughts. Everyone went down one at a time. We were in the database of spy information. Now this was even a surprise to me! Yeah, I knew he had the highest level spy clearing, but I had no clue he held one of the few spy databases under his house!

         "We need to know what the story is behind base #116." my mother stated hovering over Denzo and his computer. "It looks like the known agents evacuated a month ago. It was a safety issue to make it public to all spies that it had closed down." he said with a frown. "Issue a newsletter to spies telling them that base is swarmed with enemy agents." at least I know who I got the 'controling-in-a-situation' gene from. "We also need to find the two parents of Jake and Christina Waters." my mother said looking back at Christina to make sure she really needed them. Christina nodded at her knowing she needed them. Denzo just looked stressed to have to get Mr. and Mrs. Waters because the are never in the same place and they probably wouldn't be easy to reach. Denzo called them after working for an hour to find them in the system. "They won't come intill they hear your voices say you absolutely need them." he said to Christina and Jake. They got on the phone and did what they had to do.

       "I know you guys are blaming Christina for the team finding you in the safehouse." my mother started to say while every eye turned to her with a sharp glare, wondering if she was the reason we were found. "Don't blame her. It is not anyone's fault. When I was on the mission a year ago ,the Waters had told Mr.William and I where the safehouses where because we were good friends. None of us knew what would happen to Mr. Williams. They thought we could keep you guys safe because we would be living in the same area. I intend to help keep you guys safe as your parents asked." everyone put the peices together by now. "So since dad remembered everything ,he remembered the safehouses and scouted them out intill he found us." Josh said with a sigh. "Yes, exactly right." she said. "Thank you, Mrs. Williams" Christina said with such releif. My mother justed nodded to her and walked away.

         "We have to move out. There is a secret base only Level 4 clearing and above know about, base #999." Christina stated to everyone, knowing she gained their trust. "How do you know about it than?" Jake asked confused. "I am a better spy than I told you about." she smirked. Come on, what is with all this spy smirking. After a while it gets quite annoying. "We are going to need disguises." and with that Denzo brought us back down to the spy cave. He pushed a couple buttons and bam, a closet full of different types of clothes and accessories appeared. This was going to be an eventful week.


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