Chapter 21

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I creak the door open into Mistress's dim room. I can see her figure, lying on the bed, back towards me. She must've not heard me so I gently knock on the door.

Hearing sound, she would normally push herself up, acknowledging my presence. It would usually be me or Morwenna.  No one else.

No Master.

"Evie," she calls my name weakly. If my ears weren't as sharp as they were, I'd probably miss it.

My hand reaches out to pat her head.

I can tell she is uncomfortable. Her body temperature feels like a hot kettle against my skin. Her recent complexion has adapted a ghostly shade, rendering her previous pale skin a rather healthy looking color.

Not a day of the month has she slept well. If not for vomiting, it'll be headaches, cramping, food aversions, extreme fatigue, etc.

Being human appears to be quite difficult.

"Do you still not want to see Master?" I ask.

She shakes her head.

"He can make you feel better," I explain. "Just talk to him."

The stubborn human girl brought the bed covers over her head. I guess she doesn't want to talk.


Left alone by my mistress and ordered to do nothing but attend to her needs, I am free to do whatever I like for the rest of the day—yet again. During these idle hours, it is Lord of Emberwind who seems to fill my schedule.

"Alvena really loves you, Master. She loved you very very much and your words really hurt her. Would you please go talk to her on your own and stop making me deliver pointless messages on your behalf. You're exhausting me with your lovers' quarrel that is more complicated that it has to be if only you just downright cancel your engagement to the Rosegardens and follow your overworking heart."

I look at Lucien.

"Now repeat after me," my consultant instructs. "Alvena really loves you, Ma-"

"Lucien. This isn't funny," I say, pouring him a cup of tea as he dropped another biscuit into his mouth. "I asked you for a solution."

"Eve, I'm dead serious. Sometimes, bluntness is what you need." He crossed his legs casually and leaned back on his chair. "If people only told each other what they truly felt and not be afraid of how vulnerable they put themselves out to be, you save a lot of drama—and mainly mishaps that are better left nonexistent."

Letting out a sigh, Lucien offered me the seat across from him in the garden. I took it, long forgetting the supposed formality we should at least maintain when out in public.

"Alvena doesn't eat," I confess with shame.

The only way I get her to at least nibble on something is if I threaten to tell Master that she's not eating. Her determination to avoid Master is strong enough that she would rather force down food than to give him another excuse to see her.

Honestly, I am the worst person to watch after her. I know not a thing about raising a child, much less a woman with child.

"That's normal," Lucien assures me as he casually takes a smears some fresh jam on his scone.

Of course he still has a big appetite.

"She is losing weight."

"Well, that is certainly not good for a pregnant human."

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