Chapter 3| disturbing news

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"What happened?"

"Do you know who sent you this?"

"Did someone follow you and Millie last night?"

"We need to contact the police!"

"They threatened Millie"

"This is freakin creepy"

"G-GUYS" I yell loudly over the loud noise of people talking over each other, silence falls as everyone turns to glare back at me. My heart starts thumping out of my chest, practically feeling my pulse quicken.

"Finn" Sadie angelic voice calls out gently as she walks over to sit beside me, she lays a comforting hand on my shoulder with a small smile. "Just explain to us one more time what happened"

I send her a firm smile,"I got that parcel last night after I was on the phone with Jack. That freaky doll and letter was the only thing in it" I explain, not breaking eye contact with Sadie.

"And you called us before you called the police?" Noah scoffs in amusement.

"Guys, did anyone even check if Millie's okay? The letter did sorta'.. I don't know.. threaten her!" Caleb cautions, his tone seems slightly worried.

My face falls. I was up most of the night, so worried about the doll that I completely forgotten the threat they said about Millie... Millie!

I dart to get my phone from the desk, in a few taps I ring Millie. Finding myself walking in circles, my foot stamping on the floor repeatingly.

Come on Millie, be okay. Please be o-

"Finn?" Her voice emerges as it's on speaker phone, everyone sighs gratefully and I find myself exhaling a breath I didn't know I was holding in.

She's okay.

"Millie! Millie are you okay!" I gasp in relief.

"Um, yeah?" She scoffs like it's the most obvious thing in the world,"Finn what's wrong?"

We're kissing in two weeks.

"Finn?" Millie repeats firmer, shaking me away from my so called pathetic day dreams.

"Millie stay where you are, do not leave your hotel room and do not except any fan mail!" I warn.

"Finn what are you talking about?" Millie says, now her tone has turned slightly scared.

I feel a yank on my hand, I whip around and see Noah holding my phone in his hand,"Millie, Finn got something strange. You need to stay where you are. We're coming to get you" Noah insists.

"Okay Noah, please hurry your scaring me" Millie trembles on speakerphone. Noah nods as if Millie could see him.

"I love you" He assures,"I love you too" Millie replies. I feel a slight pang against my heart, but I shake it off.

Noah hangs up the phone, a smug smile plastered on his lips as I scowl quietly. What the hell going on with me?

"Let's go" Caleb throws his jacket on.

"Um... Caleb?" Sadie scoffs, he turns around and raises an eyebrow.

"You're forgetting who we are. Downstairs is probably swarmed with fans" She explains, her words causes both Gaten and Calebs face to fall.

"Shit!" Gaten lashes out.

"And there isn't a back way out of this hotel" I groan as I sit down, head in hands.

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