the day after

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Explaining it to them the next day their p.o.v


I woke up to feeling dizzy and wanting to throw up. On the table there was water and pills with a note saying to take it and dont drink again. I looked over to my alarm clock and saw that it was 5:00 and i already knew someone was gonna yell at me so i just stayed in bed. After what seemed like an hour (y/n) walked through the door.

"Um hey."
"Hey leo. How are you feeling."
"Dizzy but okay. What happen to me last night."
"You got drunk."
"Ugh. did i do anything stupid last night."
She looked away while blushing so i knew something was up.

"What happened yesterday."
"Um it's gonna get awkward. "

She sat next to me and i wrapped my arms around her.

"So yester you um pushed me down on the bed and started making out with me."

"Did we."

"No we didn't do anything stupid. I told you to stop then you said i love you and passed out."
I brought her to a closer hug and kissed her. I felt bad and was secretly embarrassed about it

"Sorry im such a mess."
"You weren't so bad. Just try not to get drunk again."
"I will make sure i never do again."

"So did anything else happen."
"Nope just that."
"Then come with me. If i don't apologize to master splinter then im as good as dead."

I grab her hand and we both walk to master splinter.


My head was throbbing and in front of me was (y/n) playing some games on her phone. I looked around the room and there were a lot of things broken. I tighten my grip on (y/n).

"What happen last night."

"You got drunk."
"What did i do."
"You kept breaking stuff and after you kept yelling at me i started crying."

I buzzed my face into her neck.

"Im sorry. Guess i'm just bad drunk as i am sober."
"Actually you weren't so bad."

She turned around and kissed me with a smirk.

"When i started crying you stopped and worried about me. I think your very sweet."
I took a sigh of relief.

"Thank god."
"I love you raph."
"I love you too so i'll make sure not to drink again."
"Well at least now i know all i have to do is cry and you'll instantly worry."
I brush my lips against her neck and whispered in her ear

"Why wouldn't i love"
She elbowed me with a blush.

"I think your still drunk."

I laughed and we stayed leaning against the wall until my stomach started growling and we went into the kitchen for some pizza.


I woke up to the sight of (y/n) sleeping next to me with the feeling of my head spinning like crazy. Slowly her eyes open and i try my best to smile at her.

"How are you feeling."

"My head's still spinning. What happen last night."

"You got drunk and went crazy."
"What did i do."

I was already formulating on how to apologize to her. She tried telling me what happen but she kept getting flustered and hiding behind the blanket.

"What happen."
"I was doing some homework when you lifted me on to one of the tables and started making out with me,"
My eyes were wide open and i was no longer concerned with the headache

"Don't worry we didn't do much bedies kiss. After i told you to stop you passed out and fell asleep."

I blushed hard and tried to hide my blush.

She gave a slight laugh and i covered my face with the pillow.

"Just don't get drunk again and i'll accept that apology."
"I will definitely never get drunk again."
"Good donnie."

She laughs and we get ready for the day


I woke up to the sound of a glass being placed on the nightstand and someone humming. I opened my eyes to see (y/n) putting some water and medicine on the table for me.

"Hey honey."
She looked over at me and smiled, she sat down besides me causing the weight of the bed to shift

"How are you feeling."
"Like death."
"Well that's what you get for drinking."
"What happen yesterday."
"You got drunk and said and did some things."
I covered my face with the pillow waiting for the embarrassment.

"What did i say."
"You screamed random things like puppies and rainbow and other things like that then you wanted to know if i loved you or not which i did say yes. Then you um."
She paused and looked anywhere but at me.

"You asked me to marry you."
I groaned into a cringey mess.

"Please tell me your lying."
"Nope. totally asked me that after we made out."
I peeked through the pillow and looked at her. Her eyes hd this light and her smile seemed to have a mind of its own.

"Hey (y/n) will you marry me."
She looked at me and blushed.

"Are you still drunk or something."
"I'm serious. Do you."
"Mikey i'll give you the same answer i gave to you when you were drunk. When your old enough."
"So tomorrow."

She laughs and punches me on the shoulder.

"Yea. tomorrow."
"I'm just saying when i turn 18 it's okay."
"Okay then when you turn 18 i'll marry you."

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