first kiss

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I was climbing through the window of the apartment to try and meet up with my girlfriend.

"Hey. its leo."

There was no answer so i tried looking for her, thinking she just forgot that we were supposed to hang out today. I looked around and saw something shifting under the covers. I removed them and saw (y/n) sleeping under them. Her eyes fluttered open and smiled when she saw me.

"Hey. i'm sorry i woke you up."
"Guardian angel."
"Um what."

She pulled on my hand forcing me to get close and she kissed me.

"What was that for."
"Guardian angel."

She let go and fell back asleep.

"Your special alright."

I covered her back with the blanket and went back to the lair.

"Is she gonna remember when she wakes up again."


"Hey ralphie."

(y/n) jumped in my face as i was trying to read.

"Um yes."
"I just ate so much sugar and now i can see rainbows."
"I'm reading, don't you go and play with mikey."
"Hes tired."
"Its mikey."
"Raphie play with me."
"Im reading. Do you wanna read with me."
"No. thats boring."

"Just try."
I forced her to lay with me in the hammock but she kept kicking and squirming. I sighed wanting to finish my book.
"You done."
I kissed her and suddenly she stopped moving.

"What was that for."
"Cause i love you."
She tried to hide her face in my arms.

"I love you too."


I ran through the halls trying to find (y/n) when it hit me that she might be in the halls. I barged into the lab and screamed her name

"Yes. what. I got the first aid kit."
"Quick i need something."
"Okay what do you need."
i pushed her against the wall and kissed her before running out the door.

"Donnie aren't you gonna explain."
"No. yes. I mean i will explain right after i get back from this mission."
"I kind of need one now."
"Just random i guess."
Embarrassed i walked out of theodor to try and hide my blush.


Me and (y/n) were watching a movie in the lair and i was falling in love with the characters. Right no they were having a kiss scene so i tuned to (y/n).

"Can i kiss you."
"I mean yea but you don't have too."
I leaned closer, lifted her chin with my hand and kissed her.

"Was that a good kiss."
"Yea. amazing."

"Cool. i could be an amazing actor."
"Yea. you could."

I blush hard and mikey was looking at me weird.

"Why are you blushing."

"That was my first kiss."
He kisses me again.

"Good. i wanna be your first and last everything.

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