*Silver's Ending*

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[Name]'s POV

"Why is your name Silver, when your hair is Red?" I ask my friend/rival. His eye twitches and I give him a Cheshire grin, making him flip me off. "Awe come on, Silver. No need to get all protective over it," I sling an arm around his shoulder with a laugh. "Don't you have anything better to do rather than pester me?" Silver asks and I hum in fake thought. "No," I state and he sweat-drops. "No Pokémon battles?" he asks and I shake my head. "They're all wrapped up for the day," I state and he sighs. "And that means you have to bother me?" he mutters and I grin.

"Now you're getting the point!" I exclaim and he shakes his head. "And it also comes as no surprise to me," he states and I drop my arm from around him. "Well, Silver, what should we do?" I ask him and he glances down at me. "We're going to do something?" he asks and I nod. "Yes, we most definitely are," I state, while taking his hand and pulling him towards the entrance of the Pokémon League. "May I ask what we're doing?" he cocks an eyebrow and I page Charizard. "You'll see," I giggle, climbing onto Charizard and looking down at my friend.

"Come on!" I exclaim and Silver sighs before climbing on behind me. Charizard takes off and we start making our way towards the Johto region. "Should I be scared?" he asks and I shrug. "Depends," I hum and his face pales. "I'm just messing with you," I smile at him and he rolls his eyes. "Come on, Silver. Lighten up. For me," I give him puppy dog eyes. He blushes and his glare that he tends to hold, softens at my face. "Fine, but this better not be a waste of my time," he tells me and I smile. "It won't!" I exclaim and Charizard swoops down and drops us off at Olivine Town.

"Olivine? What are we doing here?" Silver asks and we get off Charizard, who flies away right after. "I thought we could just chill out here," I smile and he glances down at me. "That doesn't sound too bad," he smirks and I grab his hand. "Let's go to the lighthouse," I tell him and he adjusts his hand so our fingers are laced together. "Okay," he states and we walk hand in hand towards the lighthouse. The automatic doors open and Silver and I step inside the first floor of the lighthouse. "This brings back memories," I chuckle while we walk towards the elevator.

"The Ampharos ordeal, right?" Silver asks and I nod. We take the elevator up to the top of the lighthouse and I smile, seeing Ampharos standing in its den. "Ampharos!" I grin and it turns and looks at me. The Electric-Type Pokémon jumps around in happiness and I feed it a poffin. "How are you doing?" I ask and it smiles. "That's a good sign," I giggle and Silver joins my side and looks at the Pokémon. "So this is the Pokémon that was sick and you went out of your way to help it?" he asks and I nod. "You're too caring," Silver sighs and I wave goodbye to Ampharos and walk out onto the deck.

Silver joins me and we lean against the railing and look out at the ocean. "Silver..." I trail off and he looks down at me. "I think it's time I told you something I've been keeping to myself for a long time," I state and he cocks an eyebrow. "I-I love you, Silver. After our journey in Johto and us growing closer. I couldn't help, but fall for you," I whispers, refusing to look at him. "[Name]," the red-head states, but I continue looking out at the ocean. He sighs and turns my face, making me look into his red eyes. "I wish you would have told me sooner. I could have already been with you by now," he smirks and I smile.

"Kiss me," I say and he chuckles. "I was already planning on it," he states and leans down, capturing my lips with his in a heated kiss. I respond quickly and Silver moves so my back is pressed against the railing and his hands have me caged between him and it. A strong gust of wind blows and a strand of Silver's red hair interrupts the kiss. I giggle with a smile, making Silver chuckle in response. "This makes you mine now, understand?" he asks and I nod. "As clear as day," I tell him and he pulls me inside and into the elevator. The doors shut behind us and Silver hits the stop button, making my eyes widen. "What do you say?" he asks, his eyes darkening. "Yes," I smirk and he crashes his lips on mine in another heated kiss.

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