Chapter 6

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"LA LA LA LA LA! LAAAA!" I hear a male voice scream and instruments playing.


"Yeah Matt!"

"Sorry, and shut up Shawn!" He says with a laugh. Which I'm guessing is Matt. I get up and look over at Lindsay. She surprisingly is sleeping through all this. I'll wake her when I'm done taking a shower. I hop into the shower and clean up. Then, I brush my teeth and wrap a towel around my body.

"Lindsay! I'm done in the-" I open the door and Jack g, Jack J, and Shawn are on my bed talking to Lindsay.

"AAAAAAH!" I scream running into the bathroom. I hear a door slam and peek through a crack in the bathroom door. They left. I come out and look at my outfits. I put on my tie die leggings and my red MAGCON sweatshirt. Lindsay tosses me Taylor's bandana and I put it on my head.

"Linds, why were they here and can you fishtail my hair?" She scoots closer and fixes my hair.

"They wanted Taylor's banana but I hid it." She says that then smirks. I give her a high five and look at what she is wearing. She has a light blue shirt that says Nashty on it, jeans, a black beanie that says Nashty, and light blue keds on. We both run into the bathroom and put makeup on. I hide my freckles with foundation and put mascara on my lashes. I also put red lip gloss on and my contacts in.

"Now I'm a bit less ugly." I say and sigh. Lindsay smacks me and says, "Shut up your perfect." I laugh and think, "Say's the perfect one."

"Let's go!" I say while slipping on my red Sperrys and opening the door. Everything is quiet so I'm guessing that the boys are gone. We run to the elevator and press Ground level. As the doors close I hear someone scream.

"WAAAAIIT!" I put my foot in between the doors to stop them and Matt runs in.

"Sorry guys, I got locked in the bathroom." I stifle a laugh.

"Can I just say that I love you?" I say, "You are amazing and funny and I'm like dead right now. Since I saved your life, I should be able to take a selfie with you." I pull out my phone and press the camera button. Even though it's just a picture of our faces, he puts his arm around my waist and the butterflies come back. He takes a smiling selfie with me and one with silly faces.

"Thank you so much!!" I hug him and Lindsay takes a picture with him too. The elevator doors open and he grins and says, "See you there." Lindsay and I wave then get off ourselves. We walk into the big room where the Magcon boys get on stage and see an enormous crowd of girls.

"Oh God, please help me."

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