Chapter 2| The first encounter

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Finally, after seemingly walking all the way back across the small city, I find my way back to my hotel with aching legs whilst tip-toeing around the mob of paparazzis that stood in the blistering cold by the lobby of my hotel.

Ten full hours of filming and I am drained. How I got through today without falling asleep, I don't know. Whisking me away from my complaints, a sudden ring from the hotel telephone causes a huff to escape my lips as loudly as I reach over with sleep threatening to squeeze shut my eyelids.

"Yeah?" I groan with heavy eyelids and a husky tone.

"Mr Wolfhard, a parcel has been delivered to your hotel room" A British accent announces that causes me to roll my sleep deprived eyes.

"Bring it up in ten minutes" I order firmly before hanging up without so much as a goodbye. I fall back into the sheets as I rub my face.

We're kissing in two weeks

What did she even mean?

Another series of vibrations emerge from my pocket, this time being my personal phone. Hazily, I fish out my phone and read out the ID.

My agent.

"Riley now isn't the best time" I groan in frustration. What does it take for a guy to get a decent nights sleep?

"Go on your social media right now!" Her tone sends a slight shiver down my neck. I furrow my eyebrows as I hang up and tap on Instagram.

My profile look normal, I check my dm's and find nothing more then spam. It's until I press on who tagged me in photos that my face drops. It's the same photo... getting reposted by hundreds-no thousands of people.

It's a photoshopped picture of me and Jack kissing, I take a minute to look at the picture. It looks so real down the last detail. Ugh, that's still going on? Photoshop does wonders.

Frustrated, I search up on my contacts Jack Grazer and press on the call button. After a few rings he picks up.

"Jack" I sigh.

"Finn did you-" he mummers.

"Yeah, I saw it" I finish his sentence, my feet tap nervously on the floor. This can't be happening. This is the last thing I need in my life right now.

"I think I should do a live and address the situation" Jack huffs, a slight hint of desperation in his already nervous tone.

"Leave it, let it settle" I order calmly.

"Finn I have a girlfriend!" he says pausing,"This can't be happening right now" He pleads, the desperation clear as day in his rough tone. Only causing my eyes to roll back in even further frustration.

"You think I don't know that!" I bark suddenly, taking even myself by surprise. A moment passes as guilt washes over me, he's only trying to help. The last thing I need is loosing more friends over my bitchy mood swings.

"I'm sorry Jack" I gulp,"I'm just under so much stress right now" I groan in defence.

"Understandable" He chuckles, I feel a smile tugging at my lips."Has Millie seen it yet?" His words hit me with surprise.

I furrow my eyebrows,"Probably, why should I care?" I scoff.

I hear Jack inhale sharply from my end,"Er, no reason" He adds nervously,"Get some sleep, yeah?" He sighs.

"Good night Jack" I grin before hanging up. I chuck my phone onto the table and fall back onto bed.


I try some breathing techniques my coach advised me to use if ever there was a situation that caused my anxiety to heighten. I try slowing down my breathing, feeling no change as the ache of worry still captivates my stomach..

Well that was fucking useless.

I hear a knock on the door before it swings open, Dad pops his head through with his usual grin plastered on his face."Hey kiddo just wanted to let you know, we'll be next door if you need anything" I nod in reply.

"Get some sleep" He grins, I smile back. He nods silently before walking away, shutting the door behind him.

Finally some peac-

Knock knock knock

This is a fucking joke right?

"Come in" I groan in yet again frustration.A young woman in uniform and pecan brown locks that dangled just past her shoulders walks in with a parcel in her hand,"Here you go love" She lays it on the chair on the far side corner, I nod gratefully in reply.

"Thanks" I smile.

"Double one is the number if you need anything hun'" She says sweetly before heading out, shutting the door behind her.

I stare at the parcel longly. I might as well...

I get up and walk to the chair. Grabbing the neatly wrapped box, I sit down on my bed again and feel the smooth, deep red wallpaper against my fingertips. A small piece of paper dangles off the box attached with string.

In fancy writing reads- To Finn Wolfhard.

A small smile tugs at my lips, the effort they go through.Viciously, I rip away the wallpaper and tear open the cardboard box that was sealed together with sellotape.

My eyes widen in shock as they see two items inside- A handwritten letter and a doll that looks exactly like me. I pick up the doll first and examine it, its so precise down to the very last detail like my hair. The scary thing that sends shivers down my spine is that the doll is wearing the exact same clothes I am right now.

I lay it next to me as I pick up the card and read the same fancy writing.

'If I see you with Millie, I'll bury her alive myself.. because If I can't have you. No one can -X

What. The. Actual. Fuck?


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