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Henlo my precious kiddos. 'Tis I, your mother/dad! Welcome to Silent Pride. Silent Pride is an original story made by yours truly, and I've been working on it for some time. And I'm very excited to start writing it here on Wattpad!

For the record, this is what Micheal looks like:

For the record, this is what Micheal looks like:

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I fucking love this freckled kiddo <3

I may do drawings of more characters, if highly requested.

Trigger Warning

This story contains:

-Strong language

-Homophobic slurs

-Transphobic slurs


-Suicidal thoughts/actions



-Sexual activity (w/ consent)

Sorry if all those warnings made you think this is a dark and twisted story. Nah, don't worry. It's not (sorta).

Warning: LGBT slurs/ Homo/Bi/Transphobic language in the comments will NOT be tolerated. It will result in being immediately reported.

But I hope you all enjoy this story!

Stay strange, kiddos.


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