Speechless (1)

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I watch as the sun kissed the surface of the river dale lake that was around 5 blocks away from my apartment building. The evening breeze felt so nice and cold above my hot skin. I sit listening to the peaceful sound of the birds chirping making me let out a sigh of comfort and peace. the sound of footsteps breaks my trace and I turn my head to the direction of the sound and I see him. He once again was walking with her. His arm had a grip around her waist as she leaned her head against his shoulder. She didn't even realize how lucky she was most of the time she was around him. I find myself staring at them for too long, and so I put my head down as they get closer to me. I make sure my hands are covered and my hair is covering my face. After I hear their footsteps leave I pick my head up and start walking home. I walk at a slower pace then I usually do not wanting him to notice me nor wanting to catch up to him. But sadly I fail as I see him hold the door of our building open for me. I-being the panicked person I am-turn and run towards the back door getting inside through the stairs door. I clime up all 68 stairs till I reach my floor. I run to my door and unlock it getting inside. I lock the door and lean against it Letting out a heavy breath. I close my eyes tightly and open them noticing that the little red light on my answering machine was flashing. Taking off my shoes I walk towards it pressing it on. I knew what it was, I knew who it was from. But I just wanted to hear it.

"*beep* Hey honey, it's dad. I'm still trying to reach you mija. Your mum isn't telling me what's wrong please answer me I need to know" his voice then is cut off by the message ending. I shake my head and walk outside to my balcony. I hear laughter and I already know it's him and her. Of course she always went to his condo. And with everything I've tried he's not leaving me alone anytime soon.

"I'm sorry my publicist is forcing us to do all of this" he says quietly. I shouldn't be listening to their conversations but I can't help it. I bite my bottom lip as I listen feeling angry and jealousy butterflies in my belly.

"Hey it's alright I understand. Plus it's giving us both more fame light so yay?" She says unsure of her sentence. He chuckles a fake soft chuckle and she falsely giggles.

"Also sorry that the guy kept filming us at the concert. I really wanted us to have time alone and I didn't think he would do that" he says his voice comforting and soothing. If I could listen to him talk for hours I'd never get bored. She sighs and e chuckles softly. I picture his smile in my mind and a slight smile fills my lips.

"It's alright. At least we got to spend time together, right babe?" She says and he chuckles a little louder and she giggles.That made my stomach tangle in jealousy. I can just picture him looking at her lovingly with his gorgeous eyes and it makes my stomach turn and not in a good way.

"Of course" . The following sound of their lips smacking against each other makes my heart break. I knew he didn't like me, I knew he didn't even know who I was. I know I'm nothing like Hailey, but somehow deep inside I thought that maybe, some how in a strange turn of events, maybe just maybe.. he'd notice me and fall. Silly I know. But that's what love does to you. It gives you false hope and thoughts.

I suddenly find myself getting irritated with them. I grab my radio turning it up, blocking out the sound that made jealousy run cold through my veins making me wish I could go completely numb. I take deep breaths stopping myself from letting my tears fall down as I felt the salt liquids form in my eyes. I didn't care that he was with her. I don't wanna care about them. I don't care about her. I don't care about him-......i don't wanna care about him.

I get up turning off my music and running out of my condo apartment. I run towards the elevator door as I feel tears roll down my cheek at a fast speed. I press the button on the elevator and wait for it to open as tears streaming down my face. I tried to control my breathing but it wasn't any use . I press ground level as the elevator doors close. My breath was heavy as I felt my heart beat quicken. I closed my eyes counting to a hundred. The doors open and I run out and towards my friends cafe.

I burst in and see it was empty and Brain was on his phone. He looks up towards me and his face fills with concern as he sees me with tears running down my cheek.

"She's back" I Say as he walks over to me from behind the counter. He pulls me into his chest and rubs my shoulders in comfort.

"Hasn't she had enough" Brian sighs holding me tight. I sob quietly into his chest and he pulls me into his side as he walks over to the counter.

"My shift is done. Let me grab my bag" he says leaning over the counter. He pulls his backpack out and holds onto my hand. He walks me out to his car and I see paparazzi taking pictures.

"Fuck they probably got us" he says getting me in his black Range Rover quickly. He runs to the driver seat and drives us back to my apartment. He parks the car in the visitor parking lot and we walk out and I watch as Hailey walks out the building door. We make eye contact and she smirks at me knowing dang well I hate her. We get inside and we go to my condo. The elevator opens to reveal Shawn leaving his apartment.

"Just ignore him" Brian says and I nod my head looking down at the ground as we passed him.

"What's up Brian" Shawn says stopping us. I curse under my breath and bite my lip stopping myself from saying something I'd regret.

"Hey what's up?" Brian says shaking his hand.

"Nothing really I'm just going to drop Hailey off at the airport and come back. Wanna come over for drinks?" He says completely ignoring my existence. I'm very much used to it by now. The only time he talks to me is if there's a camera held in front of us and even then he still
Wouldn't know who I am.

"I'd love to but I'm gonna be spending sometime with my friend Rain. She's going through something and needs me" Brian says pointing back to me. Shawn looks over at me and gives me a weird look.

"Okey maybe after you could drop by?" He says taking his keys out of his pocket and holding them in his hands.

"Yeah sure" Brian says smiling.

"Well I gotta run I'll see you later" he says turning away and waving at Brian.

"Wow he really acts like you don't exist" Brian says putting his waving hand down. He looks over at me and I just sigh shrugging my shoulders.

"Yeah, I'd know" I Say as I turn around and walk into my apartment. The thought of Shawn sticking in my mind. It gives me anxiety and I start to feel sick because of overthinking. But instead of saying anything, I bite my tongue and sit still.


Hey guys I hope you enjoy my new story❤️.

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