Chapter 1| Goodnight

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I take a deep ragged breath. The air is thick with anticipation as I squeeze my eyelids shut and stand still. You can do this. The lines are practically tattooed to my brain. Walk in and show them exactly who Jane hopper is.

Game face Mills, game face.

"And.. Action" A loud voice bellows from offset. I open my eyes as one thought and only that thought stays stuck to my brain. I am eleven.

I twist the door handle and walk in. Don't look at the cameras. Keep your focus solemnly on Fi- Mike.. I mean mike.

Everyone takes a second to look at me, stunned. Suddenly Finn emerges from the small crowd, a look of hope and lust and sadness in his now widened chocolate irises. My heart skips a beat. It's called acting Millie.

A flame dances around his pupils, finding his gaze holding mine selfishly captive as his smile stretches ear to ear. He makes his way up to me, I take a deep breath and put one foot over the other. Here it goes.

"Eleven" He whispers loudly, my stomach flutters causing me to quickly I cover it up with a fake, plastered smile.

"Mike" I gasp as we close the gap between us, his arms wrap around me as his touch sends shivers down my spine. His body heat welcomes me in yet again that comforts me, feeling myself selfishly melt underneath his warmth. I feel his face burry onto the column of my neck.

God what's happening to me?

"Is that?" Sadie whispers, Caleb and Gaten nod and I catch Sadie's attention. She gives me a small smile before smacking her lips together in order to keep it together. I force myself to bite my tongue, Sadie you little shit if I laugh I swear to god, I'll kill you myself.

We part as I align my gaze towards a pair of puppy brown eyes staring down at me. "I never gave up on you" he whimpers. I look back at him as tears stroll down my cheeks.

"I called you every night" He pauses, a small smile emerges from his lips,"Every night for-" He cries before I interrupt him.

"353 days" I shake my head, his gaze hardens in shock. Sadness takes over his chocolate brown irises as his lips part slightly.

"I heard" I nod slowly, feeling another stream of tears prickle down my face.

"Why didn't you tell me you were there, that you were okay?" His face falls.

"Because I wouldn't let her" David's low, husky voice bellows.

"CUT" A sudden voice falls on set, me and Finn hold each other's gaze a second too long before our arms drop to our sides. I sniffle quietly as I wipe away the fake tears.

"Sadie you little shit, I almost ruined that scene because of your face" I roll my eyes hysterically, Caleb and Gaten chuckle quietly.

"Oops" Sadie shrugs sarcastically.

"Ross is that a wrap?" Finn asks completely ignoring my remark, I walk up to the big camera and take a look at the scene from the screen.

It plays right up to when I walk in until David's line. "I think that take was pretty good, a lot of chemistry in this scene" Matt nods, impressed.

"On screen chemistry" Finn corrects, his tone flat and emotionless. I look up and glare at him, bad day I guess. His familiar robotic demeanour takes over and as if he can read my thoughts he catches my gaze for a split second before looking back at the camera. My heart flutters slightly before I cover it up with an eye role. I need to stop being like this with him. It's embarrassing.

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