11| As Much Passion As The First Time.

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11| As Much Passion As The First Time.

Luke hates Sundays, primarily because they were useless, unless you were going to church. He never had anything to do, granted that his parents never wanted to do something with him. He wished they'd spend more time together like they used to, when Luke could see, they would always go out on a Sunday for dinner to celebrate the previous days match which most of the time Luke's team had won. Luke also missed playing football, it was his second favourite thing, after playing guitar.

Thinking about it, he wanted to have a go at playing guitar now. Maybe he could ask his dad or Ash to set up an app so it reads the chords for him. He was still in bed anyway, the time being 11:05 a few minutes ago, so he decided to sit up and try and find his guitar. Luckily, he didn't have it too far away from his bed, he placed the instrument on his lap, strumming what he remembered.

It was just a few random songs, nothing special, but to his mum, who was stood in the doorway, it was everything. Liz understood a lot more than Andy, her husband, who pushed Luke into the career of football instead of music. Liz understood that he was more likely going to have a profession in football, but he dreamed of being a musician. His grandad would always tell him to follow his dreams, even if they were 'unrealistic' according to his father.

Liz walked away when she heard his phone going off, not wanting to eaves drop for no reason. Picking up the phone, Luke swiped a few times before finally answering, pressing the device to his ear and waiting for somebody to identify themselves.

"Hey, it's Annie," The familiar pretty voice spoke, instantly radiating her smile onto Luke.

After Luke spent Tuesday night at Annie's, because of her lack of sleep, they had practically been inseparable. Luke loved it though, every moment they spent together she would become more natural, more herself, they were so close to the everything and Luke was ready. He was getting the detail, and he was so fascinated by the detail, by whatever Annie had to say and do.

"I was wondering if you wanted to do something today? I remember you saying you hated Sundays and I realised I do to." Annie spoke, lying on her bed with her feet in the air. She had just painted her toenails and curled her hair, she wanted to go out and do something, she just wasn't sure what yet.

Luke chuckled, biting his lip as he thought about her actually listening to him. When they were chilling at Annie's house a few days ago, Luke was just talking utter nonsense that he wasn't even listening to, one of his ranted topics being Sunday's. He was surprised Annie actually listened, it left his insides feeling all fuzzy.

"I'd love to do something with you..." Luke realised that probably sounded a lot dirtier than he intended, and the image in his head that he had painted for Annie was one of pure innocence. "Y'know what I mean..." he muttered, chuckling slightly. "So what'd you want to do?"

"Well, I have work at the parlour at 4 'til 7, but we could go get lunch or something?" Annie shrugged, flicking through her wardrobe for something nice to wear.

"The parlour?" Luke repeated, unsure of what this place was. He thought she only worked at Roland's Record Store.

"Oh yeah! I got a job at this tattoo parlour in town, now that I'm 18 I'm allowed to give actual tattoos and piercings." Annie gushed, giggling as she forgot to tell him earlier in the week.

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