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So, Into the Void had a...tumultuous birth.

Technically, it was two novels, as some of you may remember. The Blind War & Into the Void. So why the hell is it now just one long-ass novel?

Well, that'll take a bit of explanation.

As Deathless came to an end in mid-2016, I was entering a chaotic time in my life. Namely, I was buying my very first house. And at some point around then, near the end of July, I actually sat down and took a look at what was ahead of me, writing wise. You see, since the beginning of 2016, I'd basically told myself that I was going to finish The Shadow Wars by the end of the year.

But when I finished Deathless and finally decided to take a look at what it would actually take, I realized that I would have to start writing, and immediately, and not stop for five months straight.

So that sucked.

But I got it done! I wrote The Blind War, Outpost 88, Into the Void, Lethal Cargo, and Saturate. Three novels and two novellas back to back in five months.

It wasn't easy.

Unfortunately, I didn't really like what came out of it. Mostly I didn't like The Blind War. And some of Into the Void. I was actually really happy with Saturate. So when it came time to revamp the franchise, I figured that Quarantine really needed to be considered a full novel and not a half-book, which meant that it would be the perfect opportunity to chop down The Blind War and combine it with Into the Void.

So that's what happened there.

I think I still might try to write The Blind War in the future. I really like the idea, I just kind of butchered it when I tried it this time around. It was too rushed, there just wasn't enough time to get it all worked out. Someday.

I really liked Into the Void, mainly because there were things I got to explore. Namely Greg. I had been waiting to write about his attempted reunion with Kyra for a long time. I did so to make a point. When I was first writing this out, a lot of people were annoyed that they broke up, and kept asking and asking and asking if they were ever going to get back together. Someone once implied that Kyra was a useless character if she didn't hook back up with Greg.

Consider that for a moment. Someone thought that, unless she was dating the main character, Kyra was literally useless.

I tried to have her make some of the points I was thinking about. It's a little ironic. I'm not really a romantic, I believe in divorce, I think people put too much emphasis on and stock in relationships, and I think most people are better off not getting married. Not being alone, just not getting married. Seriously, who the fuck gets married after like four months? What's wrong with people?

But I've been in a happy relationship for over a decade now. Three years dating, one engaged, just about seven and a half married, and I can easily see sustaining this relationship for another fifty years or longer. You'd think I'd be a hopeless romantic. But really, I know that I got lucky. My wife and I were teenagers when we started dating, we were each other's first, serious relationship, and we're pretty different in some regards. By all accounts, our relationship should have failed a long time ago, or at least we should be miserable by now. I know a lot of people stay together just to stay together, because it's, in their eyes, easier and less scary than being single again.

Our relationship works because of some luck, and because of mutual respect, open communication, and putting effort in. Plus, we're both pretty low maintenance. We don't need to be around each other all the time, doing the same shit constantly. We both frequently leave the house without each other for social purposes.

But I believe in what Kyra said. And I stand by it.

Also, holy shit, Greg was miserable by the end. I actually didn't even realize how traumatizing it was going to be. Given all the people he lost in one book, you'd think I did it intentionally. Everyone was making progress, getting better, (for the most part), I guess someone has to stay miserable.

The decision to bring back Erebus was not my initial thought. When I planned out Series Two, I really just had 'flesh-tech hybrids' slated as the main antagonists for this one. When I was writing about the build up in Deathless, it occurred to me that I could actually tie it back in to Erebus. I'm not sure if this was the right decision, but I tried to make it work, and I hope people liked it. It is fun bringing antagonists back, and this series doesn't have a lot of memorable antagonists, just monsters.

Well, that's about it. If you've got questions, let me know, I'll be happy to answer them. I hope you enjoyed this. Up next are two shorts, OUTPOST 88 and LETHAL CARGO. Outpost 88 deals with what Jennifer and Genevieve were up to during this novel, and Lethal Cargo details what Eve was up to. They aren't crucial to the overall story, although I think they're kinda cool, but if you'd like you can head on to the final story, SATURATE, and wrap this series up.

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