2-Texting and Waiting

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A/N Screen names for the whole story are (oh, and I stole most of these from other fanfics, so sorry. I can't make these up to save my life. Oh, and I don't know French, so I apologize for any mistakes)






Why am I doing this?

What is this guy doing to my head?

Alex goes to grab a few things before we leave, and I pull out my phone, just for something to do. I decide to text my friends Herc, and Laf.

TurtleBoi- HEy. I probably just made a bad decision.

NotADisneyMovie- There r so many times. U r going to hav to specify.

Baguette- Agreed mon ami.

TurtleBoi- I may or may not have agreed to get in a car with a stranger.

NotADisneyMovie- You guys make it really hard to be an effective dad friend. I can't just be like YOLO with the rest of you. I have to be the responsible one.

NotADisneyMovie- Stay put. I'm coming to get u. Where r u?

TurtleBoi- U don't have 2. I talked to the guy (who is about our age) and his dad. The kid's name is Alexander Washington. His dad's name is Mr. Washington.

TurtleBoi- Oh, and I am 2 hours away.

Baguette- Why are you two hours away from home?

NotADisneyMovie- Let me guess. Another fight with your dad?

TurtleBoi- Yep. Ding Ding. We have a winner for the easiest question on earth. When am I ever not fighting w/ my dad?

Baguette- Well, if u insist on getting in the car with this person, and being like, how did Herc say it?. YOLO? You have to at least come to my house after. The longer you stay away from your Papi, the better, or anything owned by him (AKA the apartment)

TurtleBoi- Thanks. you guys are lifesavers. Really. See you in a few hours Laf. I have to go.

I look up to see Alex walking towards me. "Are you ready to leave?" he asks.

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