Chapter 11. Punch.

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Belle's POV

The rooftop of the blue sparkling building has two helipads. Each family was escorted one by one to the helicopters that are coming in, in intervals. They are like dragon flies just hovering around the building waiting for the Bosses and the Wives to take off-- one family at a time. I really thought that we are going to hold the Bosses’ meeting in this building but apparently we’re about to be transferred to another location only Axel and Nikolai know of.

The Volkov Mafia and Axel De Alba’s choppers have already landed. Ours is all white with a gold monogram V below and on the side. It’s so white and shiny it really stands out in the night sky. I’m holding my dress together so as not to bear my soul to the world while my ever sweet and loving Alexei is holding the other end of my long dress since it’s flying uncontrollably as we approach our helicopter.

When I was able to sit down comfortably, Alexei tightened my seatbelt and made sure it was perfectly intact. “We have men on standby waiting for you in the safe house. We will fetch you after the meeting.”

At first I was confused. What safe house? And why fetch? And then it quickly became apparent that my husbands have a different plan when he closed the helicopter’s door and signaled the pilot to fly. Nikolai, Alexei, Matushka and the other men are just looking at me as I was being flown away from them.

I felt so betrayed.

I was so dumb stricken I wasn’t able to say a single word. I can see how—of all the helicopters—mine is the only one going to a different direction. Is this how helpless and weak Nikolai and Alexei think of me? That they could not even trust me to handle being a mafia wife?

And they did not even consider that I have acrophobia. I am terrified of heights. If they wanted me gone, they could have just sent me off a car or even a friggin train! I can bear flying via airplane because I don’t get to see the height but a helicopter? I can friggin see my death in this glass coffin!  

My legs are trembling. I feel so alone and terrified. I want to cry, but then if I cry, I will just prove them right. I swallowed the lump in my throat and held back my tears.

As I try to inhale deep so I can relax and calm myself, I suddenly felt a streak of pain in my abdomen. Oh god. I almost forgot that I am pregnant. My little ones, please give momma some more strength? Your father thinks he’s protecting us but he is just making momma get so angry with him instead.

I close my eyes and rub my tummy gently. It’s going to be okay. I’m going to be okay. This is just a normal pregnancy pain. There’s nothing to worry about.

Instead of feeling bad for myself I must think of a way so that this will not happen again. If I just let this one slide, I would not be able to prove to the people around me, especially my husband that I can manage being his wife on my own—without his or his brother’s help. That I can stand and make decisions for myself. That I deserve to wear Volkov’s ring in the wives meeting. That I’m not just Nikolai Vyacheslav Volkov’s little weakly wife.

I dare not look outside the window. My body is still trembling but I need to rise above my phobia if I want to prove a point. Anger starts to simmer inside my heart. I was blindsided by my own family.

I took a deep breath and slowly reach for my thigh where the holster of my gun is safely tucked. I unhooked my seatbelt and crawled my way to the back of the pilot. I pointed my gun at him but of course I made sure it’s on safety.  I tapped his shoulder to get his attention.



Drinks are now being served to the Bosses of the Conglomerate. They are smoking and drinking while their right hand men are standing on the back of the seat of their respective Bosses.

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