Jade closed her finished novel, laying it by her side and stretching her arms above her head. She yawned a little, not sleepy, but tired nonetheless. She was satisfied in the way her life was, regardless of the fact that she was jobless and quickly running out of money.

It was hard to believe that this was the very girl who had hated sitting idle for more than a couple of minutes, the girl whose multitasking skills irritated people who couldn't focus on more than one thing at a time. But it was the same Jade who now wanted nothing more than a relaxing and peaceful life until the day she died.

She glanced at the time and saw it was 2 a.m. and calculating on her mental calendar, Jade realized it was 7th September. Her heart skipped a beat, and dreaded memories started to flood her mind.

Images flashed before her mind's eye, and Jade saw the exit of her former workplace, the NGO.

The image twisted and she saw a shiny silver Ferrari.

She almost smelled the knock-out gas.

But as the real nightmare began, Jade pushed the thoughts out of her head, jumping hurriedly out of bed. Panting as if she had just run a mile, Jade curled her hands into fists. Suddenly, she turned to look out of her balcony door.

Slowly, Jade headed towards the balcony and threw open the door. A gust of fresh air greeted her and she closed her eyes at the pleasant feeling. Jade opened her eyes again to see the short three feet wall before her. She walked right up to the wall and put her hands on it, glancing downwards.

It was a beautiful view from her 33rd floor apartment. The majestic part of Los Angeles seemed almost quiet, apart from the occasional car roaring aloud with music, or the groups of rowdy youth passing by. But as high as she was, Jade could hardly see any of that, let alone hear it. As Jade leaned over the wall, staring downwards at the tiny cars that streaked past her building, her mind began to calculate how far the ground was from where she stood.

She couldn't help but wonder how long it would take for something to reach the ground.

And then what if that 'something' wasn't something at all...

What if it was her?

She wondered how it would feel to soar through the air at the speed of light.

She contemplated if the wind resistance would be enough to cushion her fall so that she wouldn't die when she finally hit the ground.

She imagined how it would be to feel the rush of adrenaline, the punch of the wind, the feeling of freedom, of letting go.

Would it hurt when her bones got crushed by the collision, or would she not feel anything at all because of the numbness caused by the refreshing wind?

Before she knew it, Jade found herself getting on top of the wall. She stood there, perched on the narrow slice of cement, the toes and heals of her bare feet not fitting on the wall at all.

She stood straight, looking down, completely calm. She spread her arms wide on both sides, the wind tickling the bare skin of her arms. She inhaled deeply through her nose, closing her eyes, looking more at peace than she had seemed in a long time.

She stopped trying to maintain her balance, and after a moment, felt herself leaning forward. She felt her short hair fall slightly forward, flipping around her face in the wind. She braced herself for the rush, her feet pushing off the wall.

She wanted to feel it, the numbness, the freedom, the sensation of soaring through the sky. She didn't even care that it would end in disaster; with her dead. All that mattered was that beauty of that feel for a few moments. She was at the point in her life when that's all she wanted.

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