☆ "Single or not?"

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"So, fans wanna know if you're single or not?" Currently Harry was sitting in a live interview, waiting to finally reveal his secret, just as you and him had decided a week ago.

"We're guessing, not-because recently you were seen at an Ed Sheeran concert with a certain mystery girl. There were other several occasions too." The interviewer mused and Harry's heartbeats quickened, "So-Harry, tell us, is she your girlfriend?"

People were expecting the same old mediatrained replies which didn't make any difference in his image. Fans were expecting a straight off excuse saying "Uh-she's a good friend."

His smile couldn't possibly be widened anymore-knowing pretty well, it was now time to drop a bomb. He was grinning like a fool while saying "Oh, no actually. Um, I happily want to announce that she's my fiance."

The whole room awed, the Internet broke and millions of hearts shattered that day.

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