Chapter 1 - If You're Anything Like Me

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"If you're anything like me,
You bite your nails,
And laugh when you're nervous.
You promise people the world,
because that's what they want from you.
You like giving them what they want...
But darling, you need to stop.

If you're anything like me,
You knock on wood every time you make plans.
You cross your fingers, hold your breath,
Wish on lucky numbers and eyelashes
Your superstitions were the lone survivors of the shipwreck.
Rest In Peace, to your naïve bravado...
If life gets too good now,
Darling, it scares you.

If you're anything like me,
You never wanted to lock your door,
Your secret garden gate or your diary drawer
Didn't want to face the you you don't know anymore
For fear she was much better before...
But Darling, now you have to.

If you're anything like me,
There's a justice system in your head
For names you'll never speak again,
And you make your ruthless rulings.
Each new enemy turns to steel
They become the bars that confine you,
In your own little golden prison cell...
But Darling, there is where you meet yourself.

If you're anything like me
You've grown to hate your pride
To love your thighs
And no amount of friends at 25
Will fill the empty seats
At the lunch tables of your past
The teams that picked you last...
But Darling, you keep trying.

If you're anything like me,
You couldn't recognize the face of love
Until they stripped you of your shiny paint
Threw your victory flag away
And you saw the ones who wanted you anyway...
Darling later on you will thank your stars
for that frightful day.

If you're anything like me,
I'm sorry.

But Darling, it's going to be okay."

I closed the magazine and had to take a deep breath. Silence. I heard nothing. After a few minutes, at least it felt that long, I looked up from the magazine. My bestfriend sat there, just staring at me. "Wow... That... That poem was intense", she said. I took a deep breath again. "Yes, yes it was. I've never read any of Taylor's poems before." Neither did she, I knew, but I just wanted to say something.

"I recognise Taylor herself in this poem, for as far as I know her. Especially in the first part, where she says that she likes giving people what they want, but that she has to stop. I think that's a lesson for a lot of people", she said. "Including me.", was my response. She looked at me, thinking, and said yes. "Yes, including you. Just like Taylor said, you promise people the world, because that's what they want from you. You like to give them what they want, but darling you need to stop." I smiled at her. She's pure goodness. Young, but wise.

All of a sudden, she started laughing hysterically, and just because of her laugh, I had to laugh too. "Why are you laughing?", I asked. But she just couldn't stop. "It's... the... wine... I... think...", she tried to say.

I turned on the CD-player and picked up reputation, Taylor's latest album. While Madison was still trying to catch her breath, I put the CD in the player. We heard the intro of '...Ready For It?' and I don't know how, but all of a sudden Madison was plain serious again. She stood up and started dancing and singing as loud as she could. Oh what half a bottle of wine can do with a teenager...

I had shuffle mode on, so after '...Ready For it?', 'This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things' came on. "YASSS!!!", we both screamed. We grapped a bottle of wine to use as a microphone and started dancing and singing around. "And here's to my real friends!", we sang along to the lyrics, while holding our bottles high. That's when I realized that I would never, ever let my bestfriend go out of my life. That's when I realized that I loved her with whole my heart. That's when I realized that I'm extremly lucky with a bestfriend like that.

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