☆ Perks of sitting away

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Just imagine, you and the boys go for an award show but unfortunately your seats are at different places. Despite of having a distance of prolly, twenty seats between you and the band, Harry and Louis manages to annoy the shit outta you by making you laugh by their funny gestures. The people around you give you weirded out looks but you just shake your head and glare at Harry for not behaving in public. But nevertheless end up in giggles when Louis sits by his lap and Harry simply shrugs his hands in an over dramatic exaggeration.

Drama queen, you think.

You suddenly dial his number, calling him, a thought appearing by your mind, while he gazes down to receive his phone. He looks back up at you with a comical expression.

“Why are you calling me when we're just—” He starts to chuckle in the reciever but you cut him off with a smirk.

“And you say Larry is not real, eh?”

His chuckle immediately dissipates into an awkward fit of coughs as his face drops while you laugh at his reaction.

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