Chapter 19- George's Jumper

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 I woke up the next morning, it was still dark out, but the moon was no longer looming in the sky. It took me a minute to realize where I was. Then I remembered, I was in the twin's room.  I shot up and clutched the blanket around my body realizing that my clothes were in shreds somewhere in the field.  Brilliant.  So much for keeping his sweater.

"George!" I hissed. 

"Mmmfff." He moaned and rolled over, still asleep.

"George Weasley!" I growled louder. He sniffed and rubbed his eyes before finally sitting up.

"What?.... Woah." He suppressed a goofy smile, eyes glued to the hem of the blanket that rested at my collarbone.

"Stop looking!  Can I borrow a jumper?" I asked, frustrated. 

"Sure." His face broke out into a smile for real this time, eyes not moving.

"George, I swear I will smack that smile off your face!" I threatened. Fred was still snoring in the corner. 

"Fine, then no jumper for you." He smiled and waved the sweater in front of me, just out of reach.

"I'm sorry." I whispered flatly. He raised an eyebrow,

"I'm REALLY sorry!" I pleaded sincerely. He gave me a smug look and tossed me the jumper.

"I'm going back to bed." He yawned. I rolled my eyes.

"Thanks." I whispered. I snuck down the hallway and into the bathroom. I dropped the blanket and put on the olive green jumper, there was a big red 'G' embroidered on the front. I didn't have any underwear so thank god the jumper went down to about my knees. I was about to leave but then caught sight of the Dark Mark under my sleeve. Without much thought I tugged down my sleeve and carried on down the hall.

I snuck back into the twin's room and wasn't surprised to find that George had already fallen back asleep. I stopped suddenly, frozen to the spot and an incredible pain shot through my arm. I whipped up my sleeve and watched in horror as the Dark Mark writhed on my skin as if it were alive. No sound escaped my mouth as the room seemed to melt around me and I was pulled back into the Malfoy Manor.  Bellatrix.  I saw her silhouetted against the surrounding darkness.

"Bellatrix." I whispered shakily.  Five seconds ago I was cozy in the Burrow and now I was standing in the middle of Malfoy Manor barely dressed. Brilliant, just bloody brilliant. This was different though, it was just Bellatrix and her harsh face had taken on a sort of softness. 

"Mercury." She said softly. "We're alone and I don't have much time. That Dark Mark is fake, but Voldemort believes you are truly part of his army. Now listen closely-" She whispered. I stood in shock, still trying to decide if I should believe anything she says.

"I can get you out of this.  I have a plan, but it will require a great sacrifice on your part." Her eyes grew dark and her expression grim, her untamed hair framing her thin, haggard face.

"What kind of sacrifice?" I asked, trying to sound strong. 

"I can blind you." She hissed.

"Wait- WHAT?" Now I was straight up scared.

"SHHH... Temorarily, it was the only thing I could think of.  A blind witch will be no help to the Dark Lord.  Only then will he let you go."


"You'll have a week to decide."

"Let me go back to the house, I'll have my decision by the end of the week." I whispered. 

"Very well." She said and waved her wand, once again the room melted away and I was back in the Twin's room in the Burrow. I sighed in relief and realized my legs were trembling. Fred and George were still asleep. Could the whole thing have been a dream? No. Blind? It sounded stupid. I could just  imagine myself stumbling around aimlessly, engulfed in blackness.

What if Bellatrix was lying? Things were so insane, and way out of hand. My mind spun as I thought. It made sense though, Voldemort really didn't have any need for a blind witch, I couldn't do anything. Okay. I would do it, but after I spoke with Lupin.

I sucked in a deep breath and sat back down on the end of George's bed. I loved him.  But no matter how strongly I felt about him I couldn't let my emotions get in the way, especially not now when one wrong move could kill everyone I loved.  A storm was coming and I could feel it.  Standing up shakily, I pulled out my wand.  With a swish I found myself back in my old room.  It was untouched, dark, and held an eerie atmosphere.

I quickly pulled out a duffel and silently packed things I needed. With another flick of my wand I found  myself back in the burrow. The twins' room. I flipped open the duffel and pulled out an outfit and changed into it, discarding the jumper onto his bed. I walked back downstairs and saw Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and Professor Lupin seated at the table. When they saw me grave expressions contorted their normally friendly composures.

"Morning, Iris." Mrs. Weasley finally spoke, cutting through the tension. 

"G'morning Mrs. Weasley." I spoke, clearing my throat. 

"Remus says you'll be leaving to go with him today." Mr. Weasley said.  My eyes flitted to Lupin.

"Oh? OH. Yes, right." I nodded. "Now?" I asked.

"In an hour or so, whenever you're ready." Lupin said with a smile.

"Yes. Right." I flew back up the stairs and threw open the door to the twins' room. Fred was gone but    George was still there under piles of blankets. 

"George!" I cried and lept on top of him. "I have an hour!" He slowly sat up.

"An hour until what?" He asked groggily.

"An hour until I leave with Lupin!"

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