Chapter 5: She's Back!!

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Jessica's P.O.V


I am here at the garden..The wind is refreshing..

I like staying here..

I miss my sister.. When will she come back?

Yes I have a sister but she's in Korea while us we stay here in Philippines..

It's very nice here, the people are kind, helpful, they always think of positive things and they are always happy even though they have many problems they are trying to smile :)

I like staying here unlike in California...

When I was kid there, I was almost kidnapped there..So I don't like nor love to stay there so I planned to stay here and then I met GG..

I sat down in the swing that is near..

I felt that someone is beside me...

"Hey." He said

He is Kris

"Why?" I asked

"Nothing, I just want here..The wind is refreshing" he said

I just nod..

Until I heard a very familiar voice

"Oppa-yah!Unnie-Yah!!!" My sister is back!

I stand up and ran to the living room and I saw my sister!

"Unnie/Dongsaeng!!" We said in chorus

She is Krystal Jung

"Unnie!Your still cold.." She said

"Yeah..And your still naughty..."

We laugh together and we share some memories..

Yoona's P.O.V

Ngayon ko lang ulit nakitang sobrang saya ni Sica unnie..

Dati Kasi nung wala pa si Krystal laging nakapoker face —_—'

"Naninibago ako kay Sica unnie..."sabi sa akin ni kambs (Yuri)

"Ako din Kambs.."

"Ilang years nya ba hindi na kasama si Krystal?" Tanong nya

"6 years ata kambs eh?"hindi siguradong tanong nya



"Wahh!!" Sabay naming sigaw ni Kambs

"Bwahahahaha!!" Ay baliw tong dalawang 'to —___—'

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