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First few poems in this book were written during college time, when I was not serious about writing. I was moved by the pain of an NRI bride, a girl pining for her love, the expressions of a patient's relative and I wrote a few poems. After college I didn't write as marriage, job, kids took all my time.
A few years ago I came across a beautiful picture on Facebook and wrote a couple of lines. Then I started to scribble on any paper, or make notes on my phone whenever there was an urge to write. A friend, after reading some of my poems teased me to write a book but I laughed. "I'm not a poet" I told my friend.
As I kept on writing, the number grew and I could no longer ignore the space taken up by all those notes on my phone. Since I couldn't bring myself to delete everything, I thought about compiling them in the form of a book. I am sharing, whatever I have written, here on Wattpad.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures used on cover and elsewhere. I simply enjoyed matching pictures to words and sometimes the other way round.

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