Chapter 2: Dokkaebi

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(3 minutes) *Click*. You hear the sound of the restroom door lock and to your surprise you were just about to leave too. Standing in front of the door is Grace. "Umm, what are you doing here in the Men's restroom?" You ask. You get close and she almost pounces on you. She shoves your entire body up against the wall and pins your body with hers, this would have been uncomfortable if she hadn't grabbed your balls. She grins "Wow Brigitte was right, it is big!" She says. "Grace what the hell are you doing?" You ask. "First of all Call me Dokkaebi and second of all we both know what and why I'm doing this!" She gropes your dick with a grin. "Fuck!" "Did Brigitte put you up to this, what the hell has she told you?" You ask. "Well she did say that you had a massive cock and that you'll fuck even in the workplace. And it seems she wasn't lying." She says with a mesmerized look to your cock, groping and massaging it. "Listen Grace I-" you nearly say before being interrupted "It's Dokkaebi! Grace is gone and Dokkaebi is here so are we going to fuck or what?" She yells. "Listen umm Dokkaebi, I have a girlfriend, a girlfriend I'm in a great relationship with, a relationship I don't won't to lose, Ok." You say. "Well how about this if you don't fuck me then I'll post the sex tape and link it to everyone and make it seem like you posted the video." She says with a grin. Well fuck, if you don't have sex with Dokkaebi she'll ruin your relationship and your job. How could such a sweet girl like Grace turn into this Dokkaebi? Well there's only one solution and it's not a terrible one, I mean IQ will hopefully never find out and to be fair Dokkaebi is insanely hot. "Alright I guess there's no other way" You say.  Then Dokkaebi takes off her black tight pants and leans up against the bathroom counter.

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