Chapter 5

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"Natalie, how did I get here?"

"Oh, you don't remember? You walked up here yourself silly." I laugh and nudge her.

"Um no. No I didn't." She says while unlocking her phone. I immediately hear screams. I run over and cover her mouth.

"Ouch! Shut up!" I yell while cracking up. She just stares at her phone for like five minutes then posts the picture and tags everyone in it.

"How? I mean what the heck! I didn't even get to meet him! What the fri-" The doorbell cuts her off. I run over to it and answer it, but there is no one there.. "What the..?" Cameron drops down from the ceiling and I jump back and scream. I look around the hallway and see Nash, Carter, and Taylor.

"You literally just gave me a heart attack." I say and slam the door shut. Then I motion my hands for Lindsay to come and I open the door again. Cameron is sitting on the ground with puppy eyes and a frown. My heart melts and I stare him right in the eyes.

When we make eye contact my cheeks turn bright red and I cover my face with my sleeve. Cam smiles and gets up.

"Oh! Hey Lindsay!" Nash says and goes up to her and hugs her. Lindsay stands there startled then embraces him into a hug as well. Lindsay was always the one to get all the guys. She has long blonde hair and big blue eyes. Her cheeks are always rosy and she can sing. Oh boy she can sing, but she is so shy.

"I just wanted to meet you, since the only time I saw you was when you were passed out." Nash says and she grins and looks down. He waves and returns to his room. Cameron goes up to me steals my glasses and runs back into the room. Carter waves and runs as well but he has his phone in his hand. "Did he vine that? Oh, I'm gonna kill them" Taylor tries to run but I grab his bandana and close the door. I hand it to Lindsay and she puts it on my dresser. She tries to talk but I say, "Don't worry I'll be back."

I open the door and march down the hallway to the door Cam, Carter, and I'm guessing Taylor ran into. I knock and no one answers, but a note slips under. It reads, "I'll give you your glasses when you meet me during the Magcon event. -Cam. Also, Taylor wants his bandana." Pfft nope, I am not giving that back.

"Delete the vine or the bandana dies!" I yell while laughing.

"No!!! Not my baby!" Taylor yells, but the door never opens.

"What the heck is going on guys!" I hear another voice yell from my right. Someone emerges from a room next to Cam's, Carter's and Taylor's.

"Hayes!?" I practically screech.

"Hmm?" He asks. I run up to him and squeeze him but we end up falling to the ground.

"Oops." I say while hiding a giggle. He gets up and offers a hand. I grab it and he pulls me up.

"Hi" he says.

"Hi! I'm Natalie. Sorry for tackling you. I'm just a huge fan and you're adorable." I cover my mouth and my face turns red. Leave it to me and my big mouth. He smiles and says, "It's fine. You are really pretty." My mouth drops open.

"Oh, wow, thanks. I-I'll see you tomorrow." I say and run off in the opposite direction towards my room. I'm practically hyperventilating. I open the door and Linds says, "Talk to me."

I tell her everything and she grabs my hands. We jump in a circle and squeal.

After our little moment, I say goodnight and we turn off the lights. "GOODNIGHT LINDSAY! GOODNIGHT NATALIE!" The boys yell. We crack up and say goodnight back. I couldn't go to bed for a while because I was thinking about what had happened between me and those boys.

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