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I was watching the news when suddenly my friend's house came on the screen. I sat up straight, waiting to hear what had happened. Apparently a girl's body had been found in one of the walls.
I immediately called my friend to see what was going on, but he had moved a while ago and wasn't living there anymore.
"Yea, well, anyway... I guess they found a body in the wall of your old place," I explained.
"What?" he sounded scared. "No way!"
"The new owner was remodeling when he found it."
"Shit... That's scary..." Judging by his voice, my friend was taking it pretty seriously.
"Isn't it? I mean, who the fuck kills somebody and then buries the body in their wall?" How many times had I been to his house? I was freaking myself out thinking about it.
"I feel bad for the girl, but I never noticed anything while I lived there..."
"Yea, I guess you're right," I admitted, never having heard anything strange from him.
"That's the scary thing," he said in a far off voice. "I have chills just thinking about it..."
I had to agree. Thinking of the possibility of there being a body hidden in my house set me on edge. It's like a physical blow, in a way. I bet this will stick with my friend for a while...
* * *

His friend says "I feel bad for the girl" without being told that it was a girl who was killed. He is probably the killer.

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