Chapter 13: Mon Dieu!

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Here is chapter 13! sorry for the delay I have goten a bit-o writers block lately D:

Its really stupid and/or weird that once I have the whole story planned out I oh so conviently get writer's block ughhh asdfgh dudde

This is yet another Peyton Chapter with a little of Demyan at the end D: sorry for not having a Demyan chapter that will be next I swear!

Yup I think thats all I have to say haha enjoy the chapter!

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Auctioned Hearts 13

As we were in Peyton’s flashy car I looked at him with narrowed eyes.

“Cherie!” Peyton laughed glancing over at me.

“Don’t look at me so accusingly! I told you it was Demyan’s idea not mine,” After a moment he grinned obviously thinking of some ‘charming’ one liner. “I think this must be his best idea yet! Non?”

Soo called it.

“Well at least I’ll get my own bed this time...” I grumbled.

Peyton whipped his head to face me.

Excusez-moi?! ”

“Uh nothing” I replied quickly facing the window face red as an apple.

Peyton laughed. “It’s okay my little chaton, Demyan explained everything to me.”

I breathed a sigh of relief out my nostrils.

“I’m actually pretty surprised, I mean, Demyan never- and I mean never- brings women or friends to his house.” He said brushing a piece of his blonde hair back while turning left.

I nodded “So I’ve heard; don’t you think that’s kind of weird not to have anyone over?”

I pondered and in return Peyton gave a shrug.

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