XXIX.I: Eros and psyche

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Thank you for your patience. The rewrite took a while. Chapters 1-4 have been re-done and I am told they are leaps and bounds better than the originals. I invite you to check them out and also experience a new creature, the Chimera. Thank you for being such loyal fans.

Poseidon blinked his way back into consciousness. His head pounded with pain and the haze of a distant memory. All he could see white, white light, white walls, and a white coat. He shook his head, desperate to clear the fog. Instinct attempted to move his hand to shield his eyes, but his hand did not move. He turned his head and cursed. His arms were bound in, what other than glowing white restraints. He jerked his body to test the restraints, they only tightened. "Shet!" He cursed and thrashed against the restraints one last time.

"Hmm, the sedative should have lasted longer," a pleasant feminine voice mused.

Poseidon craned his neck to see the source of the voice and groaned, "Hera, always a petaqing pleasure."

"The feeling is mutual, drek." The insult was laced with familiar scorn. They had never shared a mutual appreciation for each other.

He rolled his eyes and slammed his head back down on the table trying to absorb all the light. "So why am I not dead yet?" He spoke with a groan as he shook his head in another feeble attempt to clear the fog. "Obviously, you want something and I know itis not the pleasure of my company."

"That will be the day." Her tone was apathetic as she held up an insemination device to the light. She nodded and meandered to the care bed that was beside him. Poseidon was able to catch a glimpse of a figure he had only seen in holograms.

This ferocious general was laid out on the bed that did her little justice. She was positioned as if in a permanent slumber of a fairytale princess. Her luxurious auburn hair cradled her head and its soft curls rested on her emerald skin. Her eyes were closed and her lashes stretched out as if they were a decorative wall to her eyes. The silver designs in her skin shimmered under the halogen lights. Poseidon swore he saw a finger twitch just as Hera pressed the device to the woman's neck and pushed the milky substance into her skin. "Doesn't matter how strong you are, my dear step daughter, my medicine is stronger."

"She's not really your type Hera." Poseidon's eyes were locked on Hera's movements. The woman was a medical mastermind, which was both a good and bad thing.

"No," Hera walked over to her and glared at the peaceful woman on the table. "She's another one of Zeus' 'passion projects'." She spat on the unconscious woman's face. "This one's mother was from the planet," It took her a minute to remember, "it was Leto, petaqing tree huggers."

"Speaking of the traitorous lecher, where is your husband?" Poseidon sneered.

He enjoyed torturing Hera. It was one of the few joys he had in this world after his home had been destroyed. He knew her for what she was, a vain sociopath with a proclivity for jealousy and revenge. He had seen it too many times. Zeus ran off with some moon maiden and Hera devised some sort of curse or potion that would ruin their life. Poseidon had been Hera's pet for a time and it was during that time that she had dropped the 'nurturing mother' act that she performed around everyone else. He was so lost in his own musings and side effects of the sedative that he almost did not hear her response.

"He's 'checking' on your brother." A smile slithered across her face.

"Why? He already banished the poor bastard." Poseidon's worked quickly. Whatever these two were doing could not be good.

"Why not? He is just checking on his favorite charge."

"You mean prisoner?"

"I mean protege and gatekeeper." Hera shifted around the medical ward and checked various instruments. "You and I both know Zeus could not be bothered to keep track of all of those monsters himself." Hera scowled," and Hades is more useful when he has something to work for. She smiled and wandered back over to him. Her face was a mere inch from his, "Every time that girl is in trouble he goes into an invention frenzy, and the things he creates are 'magic' for the people on this planet. Without his inventions, we are freaks; with them, we are gods." She whispered into his ear, "if I am stuck on this blasted excuse for a planet, I am going to enjoy it. Zeus also wants to know how close he is to fixing that infernal ship."

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