the nightmare

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In your dream, you're in green hill as everything is normal. You smile as you walk around not realizing you're being watched.  As you were walking you felt something off and looking around. You see a dead flower and some dead animals making you gasp in horror. "w what the what happened here?!" You asked yourself as the world turn from good to bad. You walk to the water as it was red and  you notice that you're a f/c (favorite color) hedgehog . You gasps and look at yourself in shocked. As you looking at yourself you hear three voices laughing as you begin to run as fast as you can. But some force stops you from running as it takes you back. "no no! let me go!" You struggled to break free but the force is to strong. "it's no use y/n." Said a voice as you turn around see the three hedgehogs smirking at you. 

"w what d do you w want?" you whimper as the blue hedgehog walk up to you rubbing your cheek. "we are here for our slave and you're the perfect one."  He said as the other two nod agreed. You wanted to move away from his hand but can't. To you one wrong move and you'll die by the hands of those demon hedgehogs. "n no i don't want to be your slave!" You yell quiet as the black one stare at you angrily "you have no choice little y/n either be our slave or die!" he yelled at you making nod from fear. The white one smile evil "good girl now it's time for you to wake up. Don't try to call for help because no one will not believe you." The white said as you feel yourself waking up as the hedgehogs wave at you for a goodbye. "see you soon y/n" They all say as your world went black.

You wake up sweating as you look around your room. "i its just a dream yea just a dream. They not real they not real." You said to yourself.  Oh how wrong you are once you look at the wall and gasps . When you see three hedgehogs dolls with black eyes and blood runs down, One sonic, one shadow, and one silver. Above them ware four words written in blood.............

 "see you soon y/n"

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