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 Loki walked beside Houston, already have collected the water sample from San. Hank was walking them further into the settlement. She took photos carefully of the people and the mountains surrounding them. "You probably noticed a lot of weird things on this Island. As long as we are in here, where the people live, we'll be alright."

Loki took photos and then saw something huge. "Hank... that wall... is that supposed to keep out that thing?" she asked, unsure of how it could possibly such a thing.

"Nah," he said, shrugging slightly. "He's not the one we are trying to keep out."

"What?" Houston asked, confused.

"These people," Hank said, leading them through the settlement. "They live in the top of the trees, while we are down in the roots. Some of them don't even seem to age. No crime," he said as Loki took more photos of the people. "No personal property. They're all past that." as the moved, they came face to face with five villagers, two of which were covered in blue markings, rather than the yellow. Hank put his hands out and stared at the two in front of them. Loki quickly realized they must have been the elders and raised her camera to snap a photo but stopped when James grabbed her arm and slowly made her lower hers. The two elders bowed and Hank thanked them softly, nodding his head at each of them. They group left without a word and hank turned back to the group behind him. "So good news, they say you can shack up here, as a thank you to you," he said, pointing at Loki. "They heard what you did for that wounded man."

Hank began walking again and everyone but James followed. He made a face of confusion and said, "I... didn't hear them say anything." he began almost jogging to catch back up with Hank.

"They don't speak too much," Hank said in response, turning to the man slightly but continued walking once James was by his side. "When you've been here as long as i have, you will start to understand, you'll see."

Victor heard this and pushed to the front, standing in front of Hank and speaking in a fearful tone. "Wait a minute, wait a minute. We can not stay here. We need to get off this Island. We have lives. I have a life."

"Nieves," Loki started.

"Loki," James said softly, quieting her. "Now is not the time. Alright?"

"Loki?" Victor asked, confused as to when she allowed anyone other than Houston and San to call her that. "Since when are you two friends?"

"Drop it," Loki said.

"Listen," Hank said, stopping any altercation that was about to take place. "What lands here tends to stay here." he moved past the distraught man, leading them close and closer to the ruins of a large ship. They stayed quiet as they got closer and closer and finally, Hank spoke once again. "As far as i can tell," he started as Loki began snapping photos. "This ship washed up about 10 years before I did."

"You've been here since '44?" loki asked, looking up at the large, rusted pieces of metal as they walked through the grass along its side.

"Yeah," Hank answered simply. He lead them to a hole and ducked down into the ship, the others following. "And what happened with the war? Did we win?"

"Which one?" Slivko asked, scratching his head.

"That makes sense," Hank said as he waited for the whole group to be inside. He lead them through a thin hall with natives standing guard every ten or so feet. "This is all halo ground to them," Hank warned from the front. "So if you like your hands, don't touch anything." He led them into a large, opened room, lit by torches and the sunlight that poured through from the rusted holes in the side of the ship. He removed his hat as he entered, Loki following beside James and in front of Slivko.

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