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some lil javid moments in newsies live:

1. "you're really good" aka the canon moment davey starts crushing on jack

2. when medda tells them to stay jack has a hand on davey's shoulder and they both have hands on les' shoulders like what a fucking family right there people

3. their need to get up in each other's faces before world will know

4. "you following me?" *jack immediately hides behind davey*

5. i really wished they chose a different angle for this moment but when jack says "you're gonna wanna snap a picture of this!" he actually runs over to davey and it looks like grabs his shoulders but it cuts before u can tell

6. "Jack!" "I hear ya" before the main part of seize the day

7. them fighting wiesel's guys together

8. davey's face of relief when he sees jack in medda's theatre

9. davey smacks jack on the ass with a newspaper in HD (2017)

10. and he does this whilst saying one of the most iconic javid lines "there's no escaping us pal, we're inevitable"

11. not exactly little but in wwh reprise they changed the tone of davey and jack's argument so it's more angry/serious and just... that angst tho

12. davey pulling spot off jack when the fight breaks out in the rally

13. again not exactly little bc i never stfu about this but the Look Of Disappointment davey gives jack at the end of the rally and jack tries to call after him but davey runs off

14. that look of love davey gives jack when he says "it's good to have you back"

15. all them glances in pulitzer's office

16. jack looks so proud when davey says "so what does that make you?"

17. when roosevelt and jack shake hands and immediately he turns to davey like "omg ow"

18. when pulitzer asks to speak to jack alone you can hear davey say "i'm not-" and jack says "it's okay" so i'm pretty sure davey is about to say "i'm not leaving you alone" or similar and honestly i cry

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