【Various】HTSF - Halloween

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Jay goes to a Halloween party and Elias passes out candy at the apartment, wearing a costume Jay convinced him to wear. Jay comes home early and they watch a horror movie together.


Eran tells Riley to leave a bowl of candy outside the door because the doorbell ringing will be annoying. Riley says he wants to pass out candy, so they compromise by sitting outside the door. Eran was going to stay inside, but he feels lonely hearing Riley talking and laughing, so he goes and sits beside Riley outside, bundled up.


They go out with Alex's friends around Toronto to every business hosting something big. Dresses in costumes, of course.


Natsu takes Hitori out to restaurants with Halloween-themed food. They go back home and Natsu tells Hitori spooky stories (with happy endings, of course, so Hitori won't feel sad). Hitori just intermittently says, "scary," "creepy," "horrible," and "interesting" (in Japanese, as they usually speak in private).

What costumes do you think Jay, Elias, Riley, Alex, and Liam wear?

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