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Chapter 2.

Chilla shut the door and sighed out a breath. Kim sighed too, breath peeping out and the headboy smiled down at him.

"The halls can get rowdy, but you get used to it." Chilla assured and stepped into his room.

It was nothing like Kim's shabby quarters back home, where every surface was covered in piles of laundry and filthy dishes. Kim had attempted to clean a few times, only to find the place trashed when he returned home from school.

But Chilla's space was pristine and cool toned, like the boy himself. A tapestry of a snowy mountain hung above a pale oak bed with dark blue sheets. In the light of a large window stood a black desk and shelves, stacked neatly with school supplies. A cove was fashioned into the wall, curving into a dome shape, and shielded by grey curtains.

A boy with long white hair peeked out of the curtains. He was nearly as pale as Chilla, save for the flush of red on both cheeks, as if he'd arrived straight from the cold. His full mouth was a deep red and his eyes were a startling pink with blood red pupils.

The boy spotted Kim and his timid smile froze.

"Yas, this is my new roommate." Chilla said gently and knelt before the albino. Yas stared at Kim with wide red eyes, shoulders hunched beneath his bulky white sweater.

Kim stared right back, clutching the headboy's shirt. Yas' scent shared a touch of Chilla's cool earthiness, but there was something else as well. A mustiness that had his tail twitching painfully and an involuntary chitter escaped.

"He's injured." Chilla continued, still speaking in that soothing tone. "And stressed. I'm going to fetch us some lunch and I need you to watch him a moment."

Yas' red eyes flickered with something like panic.

"You know what he's going through." Chilla said, low voice gaining a firm edge that had Yas swallowing and nodding his head jerkily.

The silver boy smiled and made to pass Kim into the albino's hands. The squirrel squeaked out a protest and scrabbled against his shirt. Chilla frowned down at him, eyes darkening.

"Don't be rude. Yas is a good person." He said and pressed Kim into those pale fingers.

Yas' grip was hesitant and the squirrel easily wriggled free and dove into the cove. A string of lights softly illuminated the space and a wealth of soft pillows and blankets covered every surface. Kim dived beneath the blankets and curled up as small as his injured tail allowed.

"I don't think I can..." A hoarse voice started.

"You'll do fine." Chilla interrupted.

There was a whisper of cloth followed by the unmistakable sound of lips parting. The meaning behind this dimly registered, but with a predator's scent so close Kim's mind easily dismissed it. Light steps moved across the floor and the door closed.

The blankets shifted and Kim shuddered, heart racing.

"...Please come out." Yas croaked.

Kim twitched with nerves but remained in the superficial safety of the blanket. The white haired boy took a shaky breath and spoke again.

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