【Various】HTSF - Going Out to Eat

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Riran (Riley and Eran)

Riley: "Let's go out to eat."

Eran: 😐 (Translation: Okay.)

Riley: "What are you in the mood for? 🤔 I think I want Italian."

Eran: 😐 (Translation: Fine with me.)

Riley: 😊 "Okay, tell me when you're ready to leave."

Eran: "We can go now."

Riley: "Okay!"

*they leave, hand in hand*


Jalias (Jay and Elias)

Jay: "I'm hungry. I want pizza."

Elias: "Okay."


Natori (Natsu and Hitori)

Natsu: "Where do you want to eat?"

Hitori: "Hotcakes!" (Translation: My favourite place that has strawberry pancakes)

Natsu: 😓 "You can't eat hotcakes all the time."

Hitori: 😕😔

Natsu: "You can eat them for breakfast tomorrow. What do you want tonight?"

Hitori: 😔 "...Is there something like hotcakes?"

Natsu: ".... Let's walk down the strip until you find what you're in the mood for, okay?"

Hitori: "Mm... okay." ☺


Lialex (Liam and Alex)

Alex and Liam at the same time: "Do you want to go out to eat/eat out?"

Both: "..."

Alex and Liam at the same time: "Where should we go?/What do you want to eat?"

Both: "..."

Alex: "It doesn't matter to me."

Liam: "Hm... me either."

30 minutes later:

Liam: "Weren't we going out?"

Alex: "Oh, right. Find some place to eat."

Liam: 😑😒 "Let's just eat whatever."

Alex: 😒 (Translation: Since when was "whatever" something edible?)

30 minutes later:

Alex: "Here's your hot pocket."

Liam: "Thanks."

*they cuddle together while eating on the couch*


Alex or Liam: "Do you want to go to that Korean restaurant?"

Liam or Alex: "Yeah! Let's go!"

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