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I can't.

The words echoed in her ears, those two so stricken sounding words before he'd left without another word. She was still sprawled there, nearly half naked, completely unsure of what to do.

This wasn't going to be something she by idly and watched.

Pulling her shirt back over her head, she walked swiftly out of the room.

'Achilles!' She called, yet there was no answer. The house was eerily quiet and she had a sneaking suspicion that he had just left altogether. She didn't trust him enough in that moment to just leave it, the last time he had left he was gone for ages. While that was definitely an irrational fear on her part, she wasn't going to to just let him be this time.

Grabbing a hoodie and storming out  she was faced with the entirety of the forest. Ironically, she wasn't actually that afraid of the vastness of the forest, it had something to do with amount of time she was spending around creatures of darkness these days, no doubt. It was making her less scared of the every day things.

It was quite loud actually, the sound of different animals and creatures rustling around in the dark acted as a deterrent to her hearing abilities.

'Achilles!' She shouted out, walking tentatively further and further away from the house. If she kept going on at this rate she was going to get lost.

Nonetheless, she kept on striding through the trees. 'Achilles.' She called out again. 'Where are you?'

'Lisa, what are you doing?' She heard a voice rumbled from above her.

Startled, she looked up to see Achilles, sitting up one of the tall evergreen trees.

'How did you get up there?'

'I can teleport and you're surprised about how I could get up a tree?' he laughed quietly 'You're really something Lisa Farrow. However, you didn't answer my question.'

'I was looking for you, I was worried about you.' She replied, while trying to find some way to pull herself up the tree.

'Lisa, don't' he groaned as she began a futile attempt to climb the tree. 'I'll come down to you.'

She watched as he easily jumped from about fifteen feet with ease.

His eyes looked sad as he made eye contact with her. 'You're not mad at me are you?' He said sadly.

'Mad? No. Confused? Yes. Please tell me what happened back there, if you're not ready or you feel pressured to do anything, I'm so sor-'

'Lisa stop.' He interjected. 'Hell, it's not that I'm not ready or I feel pressured or anything, I do want to have sex with you. Many times, multiple ways.' He laughed slightly, looking awkward. Lisa had never seen an incubus look awkward before.

'Go on.' She encouraged.

'Just not when I'm like that Lisa.'

'What do you mean? When your eyes go red, what does that mean Achilles?'

'I can't explain it very well.'

'Try. Please.' Lisa looked pleadingly at him.

'It's just like I'm more incubus if that makes any sense. The instincts of what I am just take over, as if it's not me, but it is.'

'And that's bad because?' Lisa questioned, she was trying to understand.

'I just become less....human.' he paused, as if in deep thought. 'More like the way incubi used to be.'

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