Chapter Fifty-One

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I rode through the woods, not really sure where to go. I had heard a group of people, presumably out to find Adira. If they weren’t, then at least they were people to help them. As I was riding, I decided to ignore all the thoughts and plans about what I was going to do, and where I was going to go, and simply enjoy the beauty of the forest.

I reached a stream, and stopped my horse to water him and give him a rest. I dismounted and walked a short way off to a tree, leaning against it. Now, I had to decide what to do. I could just disappear, as I was longing to do. Or I could go to the castle to help Fay get the ring, and fulfill my plans for revenge. I made the decision to go help Fay.

I had started this, I would finish it.

I walked slowly over to my horse and stood by for a few minutes while he drank his fill. He raised his head and looked at me with big brown eyes. He whickered softly. I smiled faintly and removed his bridle so he could graze a bit before we continued on. I went over to the tree and leaned against it for a few more minutes, contemplating what to do when I got there and everything.

The hardest part would be getting into the castle again. I had studied the map of the castle pretty well and thought I could figure out a good way to get in. I planned for a few more minutes about what passages to take, which rooms were where and the like. I looked up at the sky through the gap in the trees where the stream flowed. The sky was still mostly dark, but there was a tinge of pink in the far east. It would probably be the crack of dawn the next day by the time I got there.

This would mean another sleepless night. I hadn’t slept in a while, but decided that I would go help Fay get the ring, let her get Bloody-Hand, and I would disappear. Excellent. This plan would go off flawlessly. Go to the castle, help Fay get the ring, get out, let her go get Bloody-Hand, and I would leave.

I called the horse over, and bridled him again before mounting him and setting out at a brisk pace. I arrived, as expected, at the very crack of dawn. I dismounted, and tied my horse to a low branch, some way off from the castle, as not to be noticed. The last thing I needed was some person coming and stealing my escape plan.

I started walking to the castle and made my way to the kitchen side door trusting that no one would be there. I opened the door slowly, and breathed a sigh of relief. No one was. I went in, and closed the door quietly after me. I went silently through the halls and corridors, not stopping at any of them. I knew where the prize was, and I would not delay in going to it. This time, the plan would work.

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