=Harry’s POV=

“Are you f*cking serious right now Caroline? Do you hear yourself?”

“Yes I hear myself Harold, loud and clear! I’m serious Harold; I don’t want you even looking her way anymore. She’s just some old hussy that’s just trying to steal you from me.”

I scoffed, “If anyone’s the old hussy here, it’s you Caroline.” She gasped and hit me in my arm,

“That’s it, I’ve tried to act like I really give a damn about your feelings but I don’t. I’m not some 18 silly year old girl, I’m a grown woman and you’re going to treat me like it. I’m no longer your girlfriend, I’m the girl you’re going to help get famous. Do you understand me young man?”

I stared at Caroline as if she was growing another head, she couldn’t be serious right now. She has to be joking, there’s no way she’s going to boss me around like I’m some little boy. I’m legally an adult, and she’s going to treat me like it. I stood and towered over her, her hazel green eyes shining with fear. Then her sentence sunk in: I’m no longer your girlfriend, I’m the girl you’re going to help get famous. So she was just using me, using me as her own publicity stunt, I was nothing to her. This thought made me angry beyond words, I don’t like being used.

“First off Caroline, you’ll never speak to me as if some child of yours. Secondly, you’re fifteen minutes of fame are up, because we’re through. I won’t stand by while you try to use so you can get some fame, that’s not happening. Lastly, don’t you ever speak of Alissa like that, you know nothing about her. She’s f*cking beautiful, inside and out. She’s everything you never was, and never will be. Now pack your stuff and get out of my face.” 

Caroline gasped at me, her eyes holding mixed emotions. “Fine Harry, I’ll leave. But don’t think this is the last you’ll see of me. Don’t think for a second that you’ll be happy without me, don’t think that you and that Alissa will live happily ever after. I won’t let you!”

With that threat, she stormed out of my flat and out into the cool streets of London. Running my hands through my curls I groaned, but I couldn’t help the feathery feeling I got in my chest. Now, Alissa can be mine and only mine.

=Alissa’s POV=

“Why did Caroline just leave Harry’s place like she had a stick up her ass?” Louis asked while drinking his tea.

“She’s always had a stick up her ass.” I said smugly. Shoving another mint into my mouth I looked side ways at Louis, “Who cares anyway, I never liked that slag anyway.”

“We all know why Alissa.” Liam said grinning. I cocked an eyebrow at him,

“And why is that am-am.” I said, calling him by his adorable nick name purposely. He glared at me playfully and popped a candy in his mouth,

“We all know that you have a thing for the Hazz.” Niall joked. HOW DID THEY ALL KNOW?!

“How do you all know about that?!” I said flabbergasted, Zayn looked at me sadly, but he hid it well with a playful smile.

“It was so obvious Alissa, the way you looked at him, the way he looked at you. Even Paul knew you two had a thing for each other.”  Even though it’s been weeks since Zayn and I broke up, I still feel sorry to this day for his heart break. I mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ and he nodded his head towards me. I still can’t apologize enough to him. Suddenly, Louis phone rang and he excused himself from the room.

“So what’s the tour plan for Eur—“

“Shh Alissa, he’s talking to Harry, I wanna’ hear this.” Niall said, pressing his ear to Lou’s door. Shaking my head, I couldn’t help myself and pressed my ear to his door as well. Listening closely, I heard Louis hushed voice.