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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1 - Enter Kushina Uzumaki

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This is the very first fan-fiction that I have ever wrote. Just something that I did in my spare time.

The time-line might not make any sense in some places, so please comment if you see any mistakes and I'll try to fix them ASAP :)

The third shinobi war has come to an end. Konohagakure has lost many ninja and is still in mourning.

Kakashi Hatake, newly titled, the Copy Ninja, is still in shock after accidentally murdering his friend and team mate, Rin. The new Hokage, Minato Namikaze has just recently assigned him to the ANBU Black Ops, hoping that he will be able to move on. And just like Kakashi, the Hokage hopes that the Land of Fire will be able to move from the past as well and leave it behind.

Although the war is over, hatred and violence still rage in the hearts of humans; and with that, their war is not finished yet. Many of Konoha's ninja have been disappearing even after the war, leaving a large stir in the village.

Lying on the Hokage's desk is a large stack of files containing the information of the missing nin.  

On the floor next to him, is another stack of files containing information of missing nin who were found dead days before.

"It's a nice day out Minato, why don't we go have some sweet dumplings and give you a break from all this for a while," says Jiraiya, one of the three Legendary Sannin and sensei of Minato, as he walks into the office of the Hokage.

"Sensei, as much as I'd like to, I can't. The disappearances are happening too fast, so I need to keep searching," replies Minato, giving the Sannin a forced smile.

"Look at you, you probably haven't slept in ages. Take a break, Kushina is worried about you. She sent me here to get your blonde head off of that seat and relax and you know how Kushina is when she's worried."

The thought of Kushina gave the Hokage a smile. A real one.

"You know, being murdered isn't the only way to die. Lack of sleep can kill you just as well. Surely if a Hokage is going to die, he must die a hero and not by suicide. Get some sleep first, then we'll go out and get those dumplings."

"Sensei, I already told you-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Jiraiya formed a few hand signs and using his middle and index finger, touched the forehead of the Hokage.

Before Minato knew it, he was out cold.

Waking up, and feeling less stressed, Minato flutters his eyes open. Wide eyed and shocked, he realizes he's not in his office anymore, but in his bedroom at home. He looks to his right and sees his flak jacket and cloak hung nicely in the closet.

Jumping up, Minato grabs his clothing and attempts to put them on quickly so he can do some more research at his office, but ends up stumbling and falling in the process.

On the ground, shocked and lightheaded, the Hokage feels as though that the world is spinning. His vision has been kind of a blur since he has woken up and notices something bright red from his point of view, but can't seem to point it out.

Could it be that he bashed his head on something and he's looking at his blood?

Is the reign of the fourth Hokage already coming to an end?

As the images begin to clear up, he realizes it isn't his blood, but something far scarier.

Standing there, arms crossed is Kushina Uzumaki. The Red-Hot Habanero of the Leaf, and wife of Minato.

Minato looks up at Kushina, who's looking back down at him and giving him a dark look. A look that an angry mother gives to her child who's done something awfully wrong.

If there's anyone at all in the village who can scare the Yellow Flash of the Leaf, it's Kushina (they don't call her the Red-Hot Habanero for nothing).

He doesn't notice, but Minato is beginning to sweat waterfalls from his nervousness.

With an awkward smile and a strained voice, Minato gives a weak and nervous, "Hi, dear."

Kushina's hair begins to look like bright red disastrous flames around her head; although they're not real flames, Minato can feel the heat. And it burns.

Once Minato's vision fully cleared up, he stood up. Even though it only took a second, it felt like ages with Kushina's eyes following his every move.

Kushina didn't reply to Minato's last greeting, so with a stronger but still very nervous voice, he says again, "Hi, dear."

He looks down to see that Kushina's fists are clenched and with a loud thunderous burst she exclaims,

"I'm not deaf, ya know! I heard ya the first time!"

Confused, Minato replies,

"Then why didn't you answer the first time?"

"Don't ya talk back at me, Minato Namikaze! Jiraiya-sensei told me what ya did, ya know! Even though he mentioned my concern, ya still decided to work!" Shouts Kushina. "I saw how you fell, ya know! All this work is getting to your head so much that you can't even think straight! I know it's your job as the Hokage to keep order in the village, but if putting on a jacket can make you fall then you shouldn't even be in the Hokage position, let alone a Jonin!"

Great, Minato thought. We don't even have children yet and she's already mastered the art of scolding.

"Kushin-" Minato begins to say, but Kushina interrupts.

"Minato are ya listening to me? We just got married and already ya want to make me a widow by over-working yourself! Usually when a couple gets married, they go on a nice honeymoon or something, ya know!"

Kushina pauses.

She then begins to hold her hands behind her back while looking down and starts to blush, then she looks at Minato and says very quietly.

"...a woman has needs, ya know."


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