And all the men and women players

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A/N: Yes, I finally did it, I went back to this damn story and gave us all the steamy scene I had failed to include before. I had burned out on writing these two but thanks to the wonderfully times messages from BeccaZabihian, I got back into reading the story and then was inspired to finish it. Go thank her profusely!

Also, this chapter is going to be ADULT. It's the only one that goes there, so if you don't like that kind of level of detail, feel free to skip to the epilouge.


After waiting for so long and enduring so much self agonizing over being in love with his best friend, having the truth out between them felt almost euphorically freeing. The fact that she loved him back was beyond comprehension for Nate, and somehow that elated feeling resulted in him having not a single thought in his head of what he was supposed to do next. Grace had dropped her costume dress to the floor and demanded that he kiss her, so he did. It was by no means the first time they'd kissed, and it wasn't even entirely the first time he'd kissed Grace after telling her he was in love with her, but this time she'd remember it. And this was the first time she'd admitted to loving him back, this kiss was guaranteed to be etched into Nate's memory.

He had his arms wrapped around her back, all too aware of the skin exposed under his fingertips. Grace's honeyed skin was warm and although she wasn't blushing, Nate knew that she was flushed. Her lips were not at all hesitating against his, in fact she was easily dominating the intensity of the kiss and her teeth grazed his bottom lip which killed any lingering thoughts in his head. Just in time for those clever little fingers worked the laces of his costume shirt open. He gasped up from the kiss, sucking in a startled breath as Grace scraped nails deliberately around the waist band of his pants; since the ridiculous things were one step shy of being tights, her touch had an immediate and obvious reaction. Only this time she didn't pinch his cheek to chase him away.

"It almost feels weird to not pinch you right now." Grace voiced the exact thought out loud and Nate had to laugh. After being best friends for their entire lives, they really did think alike sometimes. It was heartening to know that going to this level of intimacy with each other hadn't changed much of anything at all.

"I was just thinking that." Nate admitted, pulling off the flouncy shirt he'd put on. He's worn more embarrassing things in his life for the sake of Grace's laughter, so it had never occurred to him to even be embarrassed by the costume he had thrown together for tonight.

The easy conversation gave him the opportunity to really look at Grace outside of her costume dress and the photographer in him wished he could capture the image. Grace had been wearing a dress inspired by the Little Mermaid and her lingerie set definitely turned her into a siren; the bra was the same rich purple as her bandeau top, a delicately sheer fabric that did nothing to hide her pert nipples from view. The panties were likewise purple and identically sheer, actually driving Nate to his knees because he knew exactly what Grace tasted like now so seeing her framed for him like that was devastating. He knew he had to be patient though; he couldn't rush anything and ruin this for her so he wrapped his arms around her thighs, resting his hands on her back and his forehead against her stomach with his eyes squeezed shut until he was sure he could control himself.

"Well I've heard of driving a man to his knees before, but gotta say I'd never believed it." Grace was as ruthless and fantastic as always. Her fingers were smoothing through his hair even as she spoke, and as always the feel of her touch eased some of the tension out of his chest.

Nate kissed her navel gently before replying. "Only and ever you Grace. No one else has the power to bring me to my knees like this." He admitted and kissed her stomach again. The taste of her skin was addictive, the honey body powder he loved to give her mixing with the natural smell of her to create ambrosia on his tongue. Sucking in the edge of her navel to bite down on, he heard Grace's breath hitch, her fingers in his hair gripping tighter. Both of those actions; Nate biting Grace's stomach and her gripping his hair like that were effective at increasing the tension building in the room immediately. "Keep tugging my hair like that and I'm just going to have to bite harder." He felt it only fair to warn her. But this was Grace he was talking to and a statement like that was just pure challenge to her, so of course she had to yank his hair harder. Nate looked up Grace's body to catch the flash of her eyes and kept eye contact with her as he carefully and deliberately targeted the skin lower on her stomach, just above the edge of her fantastically sheer panties. This time he could feel her body go weak as he nibbled and sucked on the skin of her hip so he simply lifted her, even from his knees able to take her slight weight. His best friend might be a force to be reckoned with when she was on a tear, but she was not exactly a heavy burden for him to carry. Her grip remained tight in his hair even as he got to his feet and took them the very short distance to his bed. There were definitely advantages to having a bachelor apartment the size of a broom closet.

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