Chapter 5 = F

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Hey guys, sorry it's been awhile since I uploaded. but hope you like this chapter, I know you all have been dying to find out what she is.

Rachels POV


Blake stares at me with such force that I have to look away. "I don't know." I say honestly. Why is he asking me? He is the one who turned me! Who dumped all of these things on me after he killed my parents and took a life I once had, away from me.

Locked in a box my destiny awaits, but only time will deteriate its' strength. I walk over to the edge of the cave, looking out into the dark forest.

I can hear Blake behind me moving hesitantly closer. "I'm sorry." He pronounces with shame thick in his voice. I turn around confused.

"When I'm with you, I feel the need to protect you. But not necessarily from anything thats hidden. Its more of what is right in front of you, that needs retained rather than released ." He steps back away from me.

"I'm a monster Rachel" he says coldly.

"Well duh, you're a vampire. And thanks to you, now I am too!" I grumble. He looks up at me and says "Thats not what I'm talking about. I'm saying there's more to me than you think." he says with a dark chuckle.

I can feel my brows scrunch up in confusion as I start to piece together the puzzle. A million images racing through my mind of just hours ago. What does he mean?

"I thought you said you were a vampire?" I ask confused. "I am, just not a 'normal' one" he says seriously. I open my mouth but nothing comes out. I try again, and atlast, success. "What would you define as ..normal?" I ask warily.

A bright smile plasters his face that in the moonlight, just dances with the stars. "I am thousands of years old, and yet you are able to throw me across a room with the snap of your fingers. -he motions with his hand around us- You are a newborn vampire. And they are sertainly not supposed to be doing things like that. Especially with their maker!." He says motioning down his body.

"I'm the one who is supposed to be in control, who has all the power in the world over you!" his voice rises with his last triumphant words. Control! Thats it! My holographic memory skys into overdrive as I am being warped back in time to when he started. We were inches apart from one another. I was angery for him changing me and so we started fighting. After a while he said "kiss me".

From the I paused the memory. walking around to view him from my angel that I might not have realized before. I must have been lost in thought when I heard him say it because there was something sertainly different about him!

His eyes had changed to a silvery color. Trying to bore into mine I assume. I looked behind me at my real body. My eyes were the same, sky blue. I turn back to him and see his features were different too.

His face held a bony structure and had multiple veins exposed. He honestly looked like he was on the verge of losing it. I play the scene over and over again watching as he loses his temper. That single moment was it. And as my original thought was right on target, he was trying to control me. The memory fast forweards now and am being brought to the present.

It seems nothing has happened in the present because hes just staring at me. So he is supposed to be the one who can control me and my actions? ...But he can't. Because it seems I have more control over him than he does of me. A smile forms on my face knowing he can't hurt me. He cocks his head to the side seeing my sudden turn of mood.

While skipping to the edge of the cave again I chime "Take me somewhere! I'm starving!!" He zooms right up beside me as I feel the rebound gust of wind blow my hair. Tickeling my neck as he looks over and says " Time for training! Step one, Thirst!"

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