Laura: POV

People make it seem like depression or even feeling insecure is stupid. I just find this the dumbest shit i have ever heard, like seriously, if only you deal with it you know how it feels. Pain. Cutting myself is not being attention seeking if i was wouldn't i be showing it off?

Well This is how my depression had started.

It started in august when a guy added me on face book. He started to send me messages but I wasn't worrying because I thought I knew how to handle this.

1 week later he started requesting images of how I look. I always have been insecure about myself about everything. If I heard a positive comment about me I would believe the person is lying but a negative comment passes in my mind for life continuously nagging me. He only wanted pictures of me so I sent them.

There must be nothing wrong with that? But no, he started asking for nudes. He repeated I was beautiful and that we should meet up. Obviously, I wasn't that stupid I kept denying it and rejecting and telling him I don't know you. He manipulated me into it. After few days, he showed pictures of him.

He told me that we just live close by. I panicked a bit because he found out where I had been living and the school I go to. He was young and so was I. So I trusted him and I fell to hard. My head was underwater but now I felt I was breathing. I made the choice to go and see him.

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