Just an ordinary day pt.3

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Atlantis - front gates


Sure Atlantis is a great place and all, but sometimes it gets kind of boring fish praising me everywhere I go kind of like this:

"Prince Perseus!!"

"Your Majesty,"

"Look it's him!"

*bows down*

"Son of Poseidon!"

"The warrior of the sea, chosen by the big three themselves!"

Yeah. It gets really annoying. They literally get down and bow.

Anyways I'm basically at the front gates, in case any danger. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me! There's thousands of merman and father asks me to protect the front gates.

Sometimes I regret becoming a warrior of the sea. Nothing to do but train, train, protect, defend, lecture bad citizens, protect, train, train, basically the same things I did when I wasn't a warrior of the sea.

Nothing to do. I wish there was action. A little chaos... I sighed.

I guess my wish came true too quickly. There was an underwater explosion not too far from Atlantis. My guess is that it was an underwater volcano going off-- but those are way down, in the deep.

I swam over there, boosting myself with water, using my powers that I've been mastering over the past years.

After a couple minutes I make it to a beat up area, and a fissure.

Golden words appeared, flashing one letter after another.

Soon it was done and a message written in Ancient Greek was there.

I translated it and it read something horrific.

'Time has returned. If Time wins all shall face the golden age.'

I quickly swam back to the palace.

Okay last chapter for today. Imma sleep soon, the thunderstorm is PROBABLY over.. I don't know when storms end lol. Damn Minnesota srsly...

Hahahahaha. Okay bye. Good night. It's still raining but okay :P

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