Just an ordinary day pt.2

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Underworld - gate to Erebus


Another boring day in the underworld. Sure it's a great place, all dark. Most people don't like that but I do. Just behind there's dead souls and all doesn't mean it's a creepy place.

There are some things that are fine in the underworld, things such as elysium, and cerebus! Once you get to meet Cerebus he's a really great dog.

Anyways I'm at the gate to Erebus, basically just standing there in case any alive souls somehow make their way here.

Ridiculous right? My father and his brothers said that I would have something to do while Bianca was gone. While Bianca was gone all I did was collect Mythomagic cards and stare at it for what seemed like centuries.

I would be doing nothing but stare at cards until it was time to eat or sleep.

But now that I protect the gate to the underworld, there's absolutely nothing to do but stand around all day, to be honest.

'I wish something could happen for once.'

Then suddenly, there was an earthquake. Little cracks started appearing on the ground, one huge one seemed to lead to the most dangerous part of the underworld, Tartarus.

I quickly ran to the pit of Tartarus, being careful not to fall in since there's always a strange wind that seems to pull you in.

I stood before the pit of Tartarus, looking at the huge fissure besides it. I stood there thinking about what could of caused the earthquake, a huge fissure leading to Tartarus...

"That's it! I'm such an idiot!" I mentally yell at myself.

Suddenly there was another earthquake, this time a lot smaller. It was just a small shake, but still an earthquake.

A beam of light flashed out of Tartarus, disappearing after leaving a bunch of golden words written in Ancient Greek. I quickly translated it.

I freaked out a bit but then calmed down, I then ran back to my father's palace, still thinking about what the words said.

'Time has returned. If Time wins all shall face the golden age.'

End of part two! Basically the same point of view as Jason just in the underworld. These chapters are about them expressing their feelings and the exposition...

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